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To work at the United Nations is not like working at any other place. To work at the United Nations, to serve the United Nations in any capacity — whether in the highest role or in the lowest role — is a supreme honour.

The United Nations is not just a building; the United Nations is humanity’s home. The lofty vision of the United Nations is that we all belong to a peace-loving oneness-world-family. This vision will eventually transform the face and fate of the world.

As the soulful questions in this book represent the seeker’s dedication to the soul of the United Nations, so also my answers are my own dedication to the soul of the United Nations. This soulful aspiration-book I am lovingly offering to the soul and the body of the United Nations and to all those who are aspiring to unite the world into one body and one soul. This book is also dedicated to all those who truly love not only God the Creator but also God the creation, for God the creation has the greatest opportunity here at the United Nations to flower into a most illumining Reality.

MUN 1. Sri Chinmoy, New York, 1995.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My meditation-service at the United Nations for twenty-five years, Agni Press, 1995
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