Question: We see on the video that, when you meditate after you give your morning prayers in your room, your facial expressions change quite dramatically at times. Could you say something about that?7

Sri Chinmoy: I move from one plane of consciousness to another. Sometimes I go straight up; sometimes I go at an angle. Every two seconds, or at most every three or four seconds, my consciousness changes; it goes higher. Usually it takes two seconds, but sometimes it takes three or four seconds. At that time I visit many, many planes of consciousness. When I am about to end my meditation, I open my eyes and smile. That smile is my blessing for my spiritual children. When I am meditating, and again when I smile, at that time I am blessing and blessing you all.

During our Christmas Trips we cry for enlightenment. How much time I spend with you here! Even when you come to New York for our Celebrations, you do not see me and I do not see you so many times during the day. You are lucky and I am lucky. You are lucky to have a Master who can spend so many hours with you, and I am lucky that I have really, really devoted disciples who appreciate my meditation. You want to meditate, meditate. And I appreciate your selflessness.

How much joy I get when I drive around the hotel in my chariot during our morning meditations! Real joy I get. At that time I am far, far beyond — beyond, beyond. Nothing, absolutely nothing can disturb me. The first time when I go around, I try to see everybody, all the disciples who are standing. I look this way and that way. The second time I do not look at anyone, but I am quite familiar with the places where the disciples are standing. From the third time on, I am in another world. There is no question of familiarity; I do not see the place, I do not see the individuals. At that time I feel that the disciples have to be very, very, very, very devoted in order to receive from me. Some are doing very well, while others are restless, and some enjoy sleep. But from the third time on, I am in another world.

23. Sri Chinmoy answered this question in Belek, Turkey, on 1 December 2006.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Not every day, but every moment: illumining questions and answers, comments and talks, Agni Press, 2013
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