Question: Guru, how did you cure your sister of tuberculosis?

Sri Chinmoy: The doctor examined my sister Lily and said she had tuberculosis. I said, “Give me fourteen days.” My sister had tremendous faith in me. I told my family members, “Give me fourteen days. I need fourteen days.” Outwardly they could have said in their affectionate way that it was silly; what did I know about medical science? But they said, “All right, do it.”

The doctors did not allow me to go in to my sister’s hospital room, so after two weeks I was outside, waiting, waiting and waiting. Three doctors came out with my sister. One of them said, “I do not see any disease!” After fourteen days they did not see any disease inside my sister’s body.

God has His own Power.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Not every day, but every moment: illumining questions and answers, comments and talks, Agni Press, 2013
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