The human in me, the divine in me and the Supreme in me73

The human in me, the divine in me and the Supreme in me.

The human in me desires quantity, quantity’s flood. The divine in me longs for quality, quality’s drop. The Supreme in me guarantees quality-sea.

The human in me indulges in the division-life. The divine in me is fond of the union-life. The Supreme in me blesses the oneness-life.

The human in me thinks that suffering is indispensable for God-realisation. The divine in me feels that soulfulness is indispensable for God-realisation. The Supreme in me tells me that self-giving alone is indispensable for God-realisation.

The human in me is always afraid of the Truth Transcendental. The divine in me loves the Truth devotedly and soulfully. The Supreme in me constantly feeds the Truth, the Truth Universal and the Truth Transcendental.

The human in me hears and then talks. The divine in me knows first and then talks. The Supreme in me talks while giving what He has and what He is. What He has is Infinity’s Light and what He is is Immortality’s Compassion.

The human in me pitifully cries for success. The divine in me sleeplessly longs for progress. The Supreme in me unreservedly smiles only at the perfection of my progress.

The human in me needs satisfaction, but it does not have it. The divine in me needs satisfaction and it has it in ample measure, in abundant measure. The Supreme in me is satisfaction itself. The Supreme in me is all the time singing the song of satisfaction in my desire-life, in my aspiration-life, in my realisation-life, in my manifestation-life. The Supreme in me is satisfied, always satisfied, with the nothingness and with the infinitude of His Creation in vision and the manifestation of His Creation in the seeker in me.

73. St. Paul's Chapel, Columbia University; New York, New York, USA, 11 October 1978

From:Sri Chinmoy,The oneness of the Eastern heart and the Western mind, part 3, Agni Press, 2004
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