A seeker's life79


My life is earth’s experience-gift.

My life is Heaven’s Compassion-Boon.


My life is a game. When I break some rules secretly, the rules break me not only openly but very violently. I am planning to give my life to God for His use. I feel deep within that He can do infinitely more with it than I ever possibly can.

I am always happy. Do you want to know why? I am happy because all my life I have been building bridges and not walls. I am always happy. Do you want to know why? On my way to the highest heights I have not given up my eternally old faithful friends: love-seed, devotion-plant and surrender-tree.

> Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal. -– Longfellow

A seeker’s life is not only real but also divine. His life is not only earnest but also daring. Needless to say, the grave can never be his goal. Unlike the ordinary human beings, a seeker has two goals: earth-transformation and God-manifestation.

A seeker says to mankind, “Oh, take me! I shall give you what I have: love and service.” A seeker says to God, “Oh, take me! I shall give You what I am: surrender and gratitude.”

A seeker has many good qualities. His ignorance of self-deception is by far the best. Because he does not deceive himself, God’s Transcendental Pride is all for him. God says to the seeker, “My child, in you I have My Infinity’s Peace, Eternity’s Love and Immortality’s Delight.”

> It is not doing the thing we like to do, but liking to do the things we have to, that makes life blessed. –- Goethe

What we like to do is to draw the world’s attention. Therefore, how can we be blessed? The offering of gratitude to the Inner Pilot in all human beings is the best virtue, and that virtue makes our life really and truly blessed.

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From:Sri Chinmoy,The oneness of the Eastern heart and the Western mind, part 3, Agni Press, 2004
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