What is perfection? Perfection is satisfaction.

Where is perfection? Perfection is inside a soulful heart.

Where is a soulful heart? A soulful heart is inside the seeker’s teeming gratitude-flames.

The seeker’s blossoming faith longs for spontaneous perfection. The seeker’s mounting aspiration longs for constant perfection. The seeker’s self-giving dedication longs for complete perfection.

As the vision of perfection is implicit within, even so, the manifestation of perfection needs must be explicit without.

Perfection without self-mastery is simply impossible. Self-mastery without self-knowledge is unmistakably impossible. Self-knowledge without God-Compassion is helplessly impossible. God-Compassion without aspiration-cry is invariably impossible. Aspiration-cry without will-power is eternally impossible.

What is will-power? Will-power is the beauty of fulness in oneness. Fulness is success-smile. Oneness is progress-dance. Success-smile is unimaginably powerful. Progress-dance is unfathomably peaceful. A powerful life tells the seeker what he can eventually become in his outer life: God the Power. A peaceful life tells the seeker what he eternally is in his inner life: God the Peace.

Perfection is satisfaction. But the proud and complacent satisfaction of our desire-life can easily and foolishly invite darkening and tormenting dissatisfaction. Our ignorant body-existence is satisfied with an insignificant iota of satisfaction. Our wise soul-existence is satisfied only when it has achieved complete and absolute satisfaction. The desire-life has, at best, a fleeting satisfaction. The aspiration-life is not only a heightening satisfaction, but also an enduring satisfaction. Satisfaction ultimately is the highest Delight: Delight eternal, Delight infinite and Delight immortal.

The seeker needs perfection in his prayer. The seeker needs perfection in his meditation. The seeker’s perfect prayer is: “Father, let Thy Will be done.” The seeker’s perfect meditation is: “God for God’s sake, always.”

If the body sincerely tries, if the vital dynamically strives, if the mind desperately searches and if the heart soulfully cries, then perfection-satisfaction cannot remain a far cry. It certainly can be within easy reach for the Truth-seeker and God-lover.

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From:Sri Chinmoy,The oneness of the Eastern heart and the Western mind, part 3, Agni Press, 2004
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