O my seeker-friends104

My seeker-friends, do not be doomed to disappointment. Who says that you are helpless in your spiritual life? Who says that you are hopeless? Who says that you are useless? No, you are not helpless, you are not hopeless, you are not useless, my seeker-friends. What you do in your inner life, do in your outer life. Every day in your inner life you cry for greatness, goodness and perfection in your nature. Do exactly the same thing in your outer life. Daily cry for greatness, goodness and perfection.

How can you achieve greatness, goodness and perfection? My seeker-friends, it is not an impossible task. Today it seems to be impossible, but tomorrow it will become possible and the day after it will not only be possible but practicable and inevitable, too.

My friends, in order to achieve greatness in your outer life, what you need is a mind that knows how to concentrate. A mind that knows how to concentrate can easily solve your problem. Now, before you start concentrating, I wish you to imagine a one-pointed arrow piercing the veil of ignorance-night. Please do not belittle the power of imagination. Imagination has a world of its own and imagination itself is a world of its own. Today’s imagination-flame tomorrow shall grow into imagination-reality-sun. Imagine an arrow. Observe it piercing the veil of ignorance and then start concentrating. Lo and behold, yours will be an amazing power of concentration, and greatness will be within your easy reach.

In order to achieve goodness in your life, you need a heart that knows how to meditate. Before you start meditating, try to imagine a beautiful and soulful dawn. Beauty, purity, soulfulness and divinity in all its forms the dawn embodies. Just try to imagine the dawn and then meditate. Feel in the depths of your heart all the divine qualities that the dawn embodies. Yours will be a profound meditation and goodness will inundate your entire being. My seeker-friends, try it. Undoubtedly you will be crowned with success.

Now you need perfection, perfection in your inner nature, perfection in your outer life. In order to achieve perfection, what you need is a life of cheerful, soulful and unreserved self-giving. Before you offer yourself to the world at large, try to imagine a tree right in front of you. On the strength of your imagination-power, try to imagine a beautiful, peaceful tree. Observe the tree and see whether there is anything that the tree does not offer to us, to mankind? The leaves, the flowers, the fruits, the branches, the trunk, the roots: everything that the tree has and the tree is, the tree in silence offers to humanity. The tree signifies self-giving in the purest sense of the term. So before you give yourself to the world, imagine for a few seconds a tree in your mental vision, on the strength of your imagination-power. Lo and behold, your life will, without fail, grow into perfect Perfection. Self-giving, unconditional self-giving, is nothing short of eventual God-becoming.

My seeker-friends, do not hesitate. Hesitation is nothing but frustration and frustration is nothing but destruction. Do it, and yours will be the glowing success. If you hesitate, you will miss, you will miss the silver boat, the dream-boat. If you hesitate, then you will not feel the Compassion-Eye of the Beloved Supreme. If you hesitate, then you will not be able to see the Golden Shore. No, my seeker-friends, you will not hesitate. Wake up! The hour has struck. The God-Hour has struck. Dive deep within. Fly high above, high, higher, highest, on the strength of your greatness, goodness and perfection.

104. Tawes Theatre, University of Maryland; College, Park, Maryland, USA, , 17 June 1982

From:Sri Chinmoy,The oneness of the Eastern heart and the Western mind, part 3, Agni Press, 2004
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/oeh_3