The message of peace111

Peace is my mind’s newness. Peace is my heart’s soulfulness. Peace is my life’s fulness.

My newness-mind will not have an iota of doubt. It will have implicit faith — faith in itself and faith in God. My soulfulness-heart will have no insecurity. It will have only confidence-light. My fulness-life will have no sense of separativity. It will have only unity and oneness — a oneness-home.

Peace is not an attainment. Peace is an enlightenment. Peace will not come from possession of this world. Peace will come from perfection of this world through perfection of oneself.

Peace is the beauty of the outer discipline. Peace is the purity of the inner obedience. The outer discipline perfects the human in us. The inner obedience fulfils the divine in us.

Life is a self-transcendence-flight. Peace is a God-discovery-crown. Life is Eternity’s hunger-cry. Peace is Infinity’s satisfaction-smile.

In the ordinary world, ignorance-night reigns supreme and the ignorant mind cherishes war. War wants to show the world what it can do: in the twinkling of an eye it can destroy everything.

In soundless silence, peace tells the world who its owner is. Its only real Owner is God the transcendental Delight and God the universal Light. A true seeker of peace, a genuine lover and server of Truth, who is a true God-lover in the inmost recesses of his heart, receives this soundless, undeniable message of peace.

The message of peace is that God the Creator and God the Creation, God the Possessor and God the possession, are inseparably one. This is why no mind-power can ever destroy the world, and this is why heart-power will one day unify the length and breadth of the world and establish a oneness-home in the seeker’s heart-garden — his heart-garden of peace.

111. Brown University; Providence, Rhode Island, USA, 2 February 1986

From:Sri Chinmoy,The oneness of the Eastern heart and the Western mind, part 3, Agni Press, 2004
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