Achieving world peace from a spiritual point of view132

As a God-seeker, I can have genuine peace only when I take God’s Compassion-Feet as my only shelter-rocks.

As a God-server, I can have fruitful peace only when insecurity completely loses its foothold in my life.

As a God-lover, I can have ever-blossoming peace only when I keep my heart-door wide open for my Lord’s Compassion-flooded Arrival.

Peace is something that we cannot give.

Peace is something that we cannot receive.

Peace is something that we become. Once we become peace, then only can we give peace to the world and receive peace from the world.

God tells me that if I can answer two questions, only then will He bless me with peace: Who am I? What am I?

Since I do not know the adequate answers, out of His infinite Bounty, God tells me who I am and what I am.

Who am I? I am the smiling soul of Immortality’s God.

What am I? I am the crying heart of Eternity’s God.

Peace has now become a slogan. The child of yesterday and the man who has one foot in the grave talk about peace. If we can have peace as our sole mantra-incantation instead of our slogan, peace is bound to descend from the realm of the Beyond.

When the mind talks about peace, invariably pride looms large.

When the heart talks about peace, oneness blossoms all-where.

My Lord Supreme blessingfully and compassionately asks me if I really need peace from Him.

I say to Him: “I do, I do! The sooner the better.”

My Lord gravely and sternly tells me: “Then stop flattering Me with your mouth. Start aspiring immediately with your heart. Start serving Me immediately with your life-breath.”

I ask my Lord: “What about my praising You?”

My Lord says to me: “Do I have to tell you why you praise Me? You praise Me to raise your outer status. Do I not see through your clever and tricky movements?”

I become the hush of silence.

My Lord becomes the abundance of His Self-Giving.

Since anxiety, worry, jealousy and insecurity are preventing us from achieving inner peace and outer peace, can we not enter into the inner life with our meditation-fee and join an anxiety-worry-jealousy-and-insecurity-prevention society? Needless to say, in the inner world there are many such societies.

And, once we do well, our Lord Supreme will proudly give us a free life membership.

Smiling, singing and dancing, my Lord Supreme comes to me with His Infinity’s Peace when He sees me speedily running towards my heart-home before, long before, ignorance-night can dare to capture me.

O ignorance-flooded mind of peace-refusal, peace-reluctance, peace-unwillingness and peace-unreadiness, do you not think it is high time for you to reverse the course of your life so that you can enjoy the Beauty of God’s Life Universal and the Fragrance of God’s Self Transcendental?

God and God’s Compassion-Eye stop playing hide-and-seek the moment I prayerfully proclaim:


I am only for You.

Thine is the Will I am made of.

Thine is the Will I live for.


Only a sleepless self-giver is blessed with peace, for only he can walk along with his soul through the bountiful meadows of the Heavens.

God solemnly asks His world-peace-preachers: “Tell Me, My children, what do you actually want from peace, world-recognition or world-illumination? If your peace is for world-recognition, you will find Me nowhere in My entire Universe. If your peace is for world-illumination, I shall be extremely proud of having you as My invaluable and indispensable partners in My world of Vision-Light and in My world of manifestation-delight.”

When my mind preaches peace-gospel, God immediately becomes a roaring and thundering laughter.

When my mind teaches peace-philosophy, God immediately starts sleeping and snoring.

When my heart prayerfully learns peace-songs from my soul, God immediately and proudly embraces both the teacher and the student.

To my soul, God says: “My child, you are My world-transforming Power.”

To my heart, God says: “My child, you are My world-awakening Hour.”

132. University of Hawaii; Honolulu, Hawaii, USA,, 7 December 1998. Sri Chinmoy received the "Dreamer of a Peace-Filled World" Award from the University of Hawaii. His lecture was introduced by Dr. Majid Tehranian, Professor of International Communication and Director of the Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research at the University.

From:Sri Chinmoy,The oneness of the Eastern heart and the Western mind, part 3, Agni Press, 2004
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