Question: Many times during our meetings, souls from other realms visit us. In the future, if someone has opened his third eye, will he be able to see these beings on the videos or photographs taken of our events?

Sri Chinmoy: Why do you have to wait for the future? Spiritual Masters who have opened up their third eye can see the soul in anything — even in videos or photographs. When seekers who want to become disciples send me their photographs, it does not take me more than two or three seconds to accept them. Doubters will say, "What is this? Is it not a joke?" Again, those who love me and have faith in me will believe that inside these pictures I can see an eagerness, which is being fed by the seekers' own souls, only waiting for my approval. When I look at a seeker's picture, it does not take me more than three seconds to feed the soul and do whatever must be done. Five seconds I may need in some complicated cases. So if I can see the soul in a photograph, on a piece of paper, do you think there will be any difficulty for me to see the soul on a video?

Two or three years ago I was watching someone whom I know well on television. His soul was telling me that he had a serious problem in his eye. Afterwards, I had the audacity to tell that individual to go to the doctor. The doctor confirmed that I was right. My friend could not believe it! I saw clearly the problem on the television screen.

From time immemorial, spiritual Masters have had the capacity to see the soul. So, if your third eye is open, you can see the existence of the soul anywhere you want to. Nothing is excluded from videos or photographs.

From:Sri Chinmoy,One hundred and one unanswered questions, part 1, Agni Press, 1998
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