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O my heart


O my heart,

I love you and I need you.

I love your earthly purity-cry

And I need your Heavenly



O my heart,

Our Lord Beloved Supreme

has told me

That He will supply your

every need

Born and yet unborn.


O my heart,

Do tell me if I am not the

person you want me to be.

I shall always have the time,

And I shall always have the


To perfect myself so that I

can be claimed by you as

your own, very own.


O my heart,

Because you choose to live


My life and I hope to live



O my heart,

Do not allow my

undisciplined vital to

befriend you.

That friendship will be the

greatest waste

Of your unhorizoned



O my heart,

Today you have made me

unimaginably happy

By launching your aspiration-boat

On my life's dedication-river.


O my heart,

Sleeplessly you are teaching me

How to anchor my human love

In God's divine Love.


O my heart,

You expect permanent happiness on earth.

And in every way you deserve it, too.

But alas, alas, alas.

Will it ever happen?

Will you ever be flooded with happiness?

I shall pray and pray and pray to God for you.


O my heart,

Every day you lovingly teach my mind

How to climb up the

mountain of awareness

And every day my soul fondly teaches you

How to fly in the sky of selflessness.


O my heart,

You are desperately trying

to discipline my mind.

Do you not know

That it is as useless

As trying to tame the wind?


O my heart,

Your will is your own


Therefore, I am so proud of you.

Alas, my mind's will is its own



O my heart,

When I am not with you

And when I am not for you

I am forced to move

From unhappiness-death

to fruitlessness-death.


O my heart,

I am exceedingly happy today.

Do you know why?

Today I have completely passed through

The longest dry desert of my doubting mind,

And now I am being blessed

By the beauty of your



O my heart,

I am exceedingly happy

To see every day

New and charming leaves

On your God-revealing life-plant.


O my heart,

Like you I wish to be

a student of divine love.

Like you I shall never want

to finish my schooling.


O my heart,

I am so sorry to have kept you waiting

For my life's perfection-marks

So that you can give me proudly

Your satisfaction-award.


O my heart,

Like you I wish to be

sleeplessly and intimately

personal with God.

O my heart, do be my private



O my heart,

Time and again God has told me

That your part

in His sweet Dream-Play

is extremely significant.

Therefore, my pride in you

knows no bounds.


O my heart,

When I am not with you

I live in yesterday's


When I am with you

I live in tomorrow's



O my heart,

Just because I am for you

I am enjoying the slow,

steady and unerring progress

Of God-revealing and God-manifesting faith

In my entire being.


O my heart,

I am secretly telling you that every day

I plead with my undivine mind

To come and study

at your faith boarding school.

Alas, my mind is nothing other

than shameless unwillingness.


O my heart,

When I soulfully pray to God,

He sends you to me with the message:

"Nothing is too much."

And when I unconditionally meditate on God,

He sends you to me with the message:

"Nothing is too soon."


O my heart,

You are constantly telling me

That my life's gratitude-telegrams

can and will reach God

Sooner than the soonest

From anywhere in the world.


O my heart,

If I had only known

How much you cared for me,

I would not have stayed with

my doubt-poison-mind,

Even for a fleeting second.


O my heart,

You are your mounting aspiration-flames

To reach the highest illumination-heights.

Therefore, I am divinely and supremely

proud of you.

Look at my utterly stupid mind:

It is dying for death-desire-drugs.


O my heart,

You are always ready

with your aspiration-candles.

Alas, will my mind ever be ready

with its inspiration-matches?


O my heart,

When I do not live

in your illumination-province,

A doubt-volcano forces me

to move

From the frustration-town

to the failure-village.


O my heart,

Your daily surrender-gratitude-life

Is saving me

from the undying undercurrent

of expectation.


O my heart,

I am all gratitude to you

For teaching me to say goodbye

To my very, very old partner:



O my heart,

Every day I am learning from you

Two most significant lessons:

A soulful receptivity

and a prayerful readiness

To surrender to God's Will.


O my heart,

How kind of you

to share with me unconditionally

The sweet, sweeter, sweetest taste

of gratitude.


O my heart,

I am sleeplessly grateful to you,

For you have asked me

To call God my Beloved,

My only Beloved Supreme.


O my heart,

I am extremely fond of you

For many divine things you embody,

But especially for the snow-white innocence

Of your childlike smile.


O my heart,

You simply do not know what

negativity is.

Therefore, to my greatest joy,

You are a perfect stranger

To unfriendliness-disaster-crime.


O my heart,

Your tremendous and momentous


Is pleasing me far beyond

your imagination.

And I do hope that my most sincere


Is pleasing you in a small measure.


O my heart,

When I am inside you

Do you know what I deeply enjoy?

I enjoy a sea of silence-delight

That can never be attacked and bitten

By thought-mosquitoes.


O my heart,

Your fondest dream

is constant God-satisfaction.

And my bravest promise

is God-manifestation here and now.


O my heart,

You are asking me to look at

The beauty of your moon-light

And the prosperity of your sun-power.

I am at once all obedience and all ecstasy.


O my heart,

You are my delight-sea within,

You are my delight-mountain without.

Like you, my only oneness friend,

I shall start my day

with a soulful surrender-song

And end my day

with a beautiful gratitude-dance.


O my heart,

Your great and good


Has rescued me countless times

From drowning in a sea

of self-pity-tears.


O my heart,

When I breathe in your fragrance-light,

How easily I surrender to God

My heavy world-resentment-burden.


O my heart,

I am all gratitude to you,

For your breathless willingness

To serve God in God's own Way

Is permeating my entire being.


O my heart,

My superiority-giants

and my inferiority-ghosts

Simply disappear

the moment they see me

Swing with you in your oneness-cradle.


O my heart,

Selfish actions have

imprisoned the world.

You are desperately trying

to liberate the world.

God the Compassion

is crying through you.

I know, someday God the Victory

Will, without fail,

smile through you.


O my heart,

I need no credentials

To arrive at God's Door

Only when I accompany you.


O my heart,

You always get the first preference

When you dial God's


And when you call, unlike other callers,

God Himself answers immediately.


O my heart,

Every day you are feeding me

with God's Nectar-Delight.

I need no more useless God-explanation

from my scholar-friend.

I need no more useless God-understanding

from my philosopher-friend.


O my heart,

Yesterday I saw you

in your aspiration-career.

Today I am seeing you

with a perfection-crown on your head.

And whose perfection-crown?

God's, definitely God's.


O my heart,

It is you who have taught me

How to write every day

Most soulful love-letters to God.

My prayer-life and my meditation-life

From this moment on

Will cheerfully, sleeplessly

and unconditionally

Be at your service.

From:Sri Chinmoy,O my heart, Agni Press, 1988
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/omh