The flight of birds1

For a few days I meditated while riding my chariot round and round and round in the hotel. Now I find I have better meditation when Savyasachi drives me in the car.

Always in the morning Savyasachi and I leave at six o’clock to drive, and at that time I meditate. At seven o’clock we come back. Today I have taken a video of birds, at least four hundred birds. I should have been doing it for the last week! Every day I have seen the flight of birds — today at least four hundred.

When I come back from driving, I always see disciples are running, running, running. They give me joy! At that time, when I am returning, I have practically finished my meditation — it is a matter of only another five minutes or so. But if I move around in my chariot, here I see people, there I see people. If I look at one disciple, then I have to look at twenty. If I smile at one, and if I cut jokes with one, then I have to cut jokes with twenty! That is why I go out driving in the car to meditate.

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From:Sri Chinmoy,Only one power, Agni Press, 2015
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