The psychic beings are most beautiful7

The psychic being is the soul’s representative. God’s representative is the soul. The soul goes on. It develops and develops. The psychic beings are most, most, most beautiful. The psychic beings remain most beautiful. They develop wisdom, light, bliss and other divine qualities, but they do not grow in size. They are extremely cute, but their size is very small.

The Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram gave tremendous importance to the psychic being. About my sister Ahana’s psychic being, the Mother said very, very nice things.

Quite a few times I see the psychic beings, but in my case I usually do not give importance to them. They are so cute! They are like little children. As soon as they cry, either the soul will come or the Supreme will come, like a mother. A little baby is crying. God knows where it is crying, but the mother immediately comes. Similarly, when the psychic being cries, the soul or the Supreme comes.

I do see quite a few psychic beings. All of them cannot have the same beauty, but their beauty infinitely, infinitely surpasses the beauty of human beings. Here on earth, some people are more beautiful than others. In exactly the same way, the psychic beings, in comparison, are more beautiful than human beings. Naturally, it is a matter of individual opinion. But they are so beautiful, so beautiful, these psychic beings. They are extremely beautiful and charming, but they do not develop the power aspect. The soul develops the power aspect.

The psychic being likes to remain all the time cute, very cute, but we do not have to think of the psychic being. The psychic being is full of joy, full of delight, but I give more importance to the soul. That is why I always say, “Soul, soul!”

OSO 10. 18 January 2002, Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

From:Sri Chinmoy,Our sweetest oneness, Agni Press, 2012
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