The time has come for our lotus to blossom10

All those who are in a position to run a marathon, kindly pass by me. This year we shall launch our own marathon. The time has come for our lotus to blossom petal by petal. It is my wish to have as many runners as possible! All the Centres should be informed. If you have the capacity and do not run, then I will be sincerely and sincerely sad. If you do not have the capacity, what am I going to say?

Dear ones, sometimes it is really, really good to be sincere to oneself. Now, what will you do? On a regular basis you should run. Please remember, you are making a promise to your Master, so there should be some sincerity involved. We shall have our cut-off time, but if you have friends to handle you, to take care of you, you will have no problems. Six-thirty-three is my worst marathon time, so I am giving you one more hour.

The first time if we can have seven hundred runners, I will be thrilled! Seven hundred people if we can get for our first attempt, then gradually we shall become very well known. Participants from the running world will see our treatment in comparison with the treatment they receive at some other races. Our treatment will be excellent in every way! We shall give the runners the utmost attention and concern.

OSO 13. 23 January 2002, Rex Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

From:Sri Chinmoy,Our sweetest oneness, Agni Press, 2012
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