Part I — Discourses

The Guru and the hostile forces1

While I was standing in front of you today during the meditation and I was about to bless you in the inner world, there was a tremendous attack. A very strong hostile force was going to attack my dearest X. While I was looking at him I noticed this. Immediately I took that force into myself for a few seconds and then I threw it into the Universal Consciousness.

I tell you people, unless one is fully realised, one should not accept any disciple or play the part of a Guru. The force was following X, but immediately I took it because he is so dedicated, so devoted, so close. I took it here and then I threw it into the Universal Consciousness. That power I have. And where is the Universal Consciousness? It is in my possession. But if somebody else had tried to deal with that force, he would immediately have fainted or done something extremely frightening. Please forgive me, I am only telling you people that to deal with disciples without being fully realised is to make the greatest mistake. Also, it is a great injustice to the disciples.

Very often, when I stand in front of some of the disciples, consciously or unconsciously they hurl arrows at me. If you entered into the inner world, you would see that my whole body is bleeding profusely. Actually, I swim in a sea of blood. I do it, but immediately I have the power to throw all these arrows into the Universal Consciousness. If I did not have the power, by this time I would have been in the other world. All the spiritual Masters must have this power if they have accepted disciples in the true sense. If they have not accepted any spiritual disciples, if they have only accepted human beings as members of their organisation, then they can have thousands and millions of followers and there is no responsibility on their part.

Many times, before a disciple is about to be attacked, the force comes and strikes me as hard as possible. Why? Because my identification, my oneness with the disciple is so thick. It is just like when somebody wants to strike the child in front of the mother, because the child has done something wrong. Immediately the mother comes and says, "I know that my child has done something wrong, but don't beat my child. He is mine. Beat me instead." In my case also, I do the same for my spiritual children. But this is only true of those who have accepted me fully and unreservedly. Otherwise, in spite of my best intentions, the Supreme will not allow me to do anything for you.

PA 1. A talk to disciples during a Centre meeting on 24 March 1968

From:Sri Chinmoy,Perseverance and aspiration, Agni Press, 1976
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