Perseverance and aspiration

God-realisation is not an easy task. Some of the disciples who were with the Buddha, the Christ, Sri Krishna, still have not realised God. It entirely depends on the Supreme's Grace and the seeker's capacity. Speed is necessary and God's Grace is necessary: from above, Grace, and from below, speed. If one prays and meditates sincerely for twenty or thirty years, that doesn't mean he will be able to realise God. It entirely depends on God's Grace and the individual's capacity and receptivity. Just because here some of my disciples will stay with me to the end does not mean they will run the fastest. Do you think all my disciples will realise God in this incarnation? I will be glad if I get one or two or three. God-realisation is a most difficult thing. It is not the number of years you spend with a Master, but how fast you can run.

It is not that they don't have an intense cry. An intense inner cry you can have, but the only thing is, how long can you maintain the intense cry? Early in the morning for an hour you maintain an intense cry. Then, if you go to our press to print my books, your intense cry goes away. Jealousy may start or other wrong forces may start. Afterwards, in two hours' time, your consciousness starts descending, descending, descending, descending.

I can't deny your morning's intensity. But how long do you maintain it? If you can't remain meditating for five hours, then for four hours you enjoy real vacation, relaxation. A seven-hour meditation we had recently. Out of seven hours, there were some who did not meditate for seven minutes. They were glued to their seats, but they were thinking of their breakfast or of all kinds of divine things. At the time you think they are meditating for seven hours, but you don't have occult vision. They are thinking of their breakfast, their boyfriends, their girlfriends. But when you look at them, you feel those people are most devoted. You say, "How I wish to be like that." But what is in their mind, God alone knows. Some elderly women stood up once to meditate. The audience was so moved. They never saw elderly women doing such wonderful meditation. But what was going on in their minds? Tomorrow morning's breakfast and how they have pleased their husbands and what they are going to wear. But everybody thought they did the best meditation because of the way they looked.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Perseverance and aspiration, Agni Press, 1976
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