Question: Guru, you tell us to see the Presence of God inside our children. Is that correct?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly. When your daughter smiles, at that time you really see the Presence of God. But the moment she screams and does a few undivine things, at that time do you see God there? No, you simply say, "This is my fate. This kind of God I do not want." I always tell the parents to feel that God is inside their children. The parents shouldn't strike the children. Then, what happens? For one day they listen to me and the following day, when the children do something undivine, the parents don't see the Presence of God. They beat the children. So it is true that you have to see the Presence of God inside your children, inside humanity. But this moment you will see something divine and the next moment you will see imperfection. Then immediately you will change your opinion and say that God is not there. But if you feel the Presence of God inside yourself first, then it is easy to see the Presence of God inside others. If you maintain your own divinity within you, then no matter whom you see, that person will be a projection of your own divinity.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Perseverance and aspiration, Agni Press, 1976
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