I pray before I lift, I meditate while I lift, I offer my gratitude-cries and gratitude-smiles

May 23


My Beloved Supreme,

You are my inspiration,

You are my aspiration,

You are my realisation.

If ever I can lift up 300 pounds,

It will be 100 per cent

Your unconditional Compassion,

Unconditional Blessings,

Unconditional Fulfilment.


May 24


My Lord Supreme,

May Your Compassion-Light

Be the ruling king

Of my body's lethargy-flooded ignorance-night. ```

May 25


My Lord Supreme,

Do turn my life into

Your Eternity's Patience-Tree.


May 26


My Lord Supreme,

I know my prayer-life

Is weaker than weakness itself.

But I also know

That Your Compassion-Heart

Is Your Infinity's Power-Manifestation. ```

May 28 am


My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme,

My life is an attempt;

My heart is an experience.

My life-attempt-tree and

My heart-experience-flower

I place at Your Feet cheerfully. ```

May 28 pm


My Lord Supreme,

For immediate success

The human in me cries.

For continuous progress

The divine in me cries.

For the absolute perfection of my life

You, my Lord Supreme, sleeplessly in me cry.


May 29


My Lord Beloved Supreme,

Hope keeps humanity's life alive

In Your Eternity's

Compassion-Satisfaction-Heart. ```

May 30


My Lord Supreme,

This creation of Yours

Has perhaps seen

The face of happiness,

But it has not yet felt

The heart of happiness. ```

May 31


My sweet Lord,

There is no joy in giving.

There is no joy in receiving.

There is no joy even in becoming.

There is joy

Only in obeying Your Commands,

Inner and outer.


June 2 am


My Sovereign Lord Supreme,

Since You created only delight

And not suffering

In this world

Will You not put an end

To all human suffering? ```

June 2 pm


My Beloved Supreme,

My happiness is my strength,

And I know, I know,

That Your Compassion-Eye

Is the only fount

Of my happiness-strength. ```

June 3


My sweet Beloved Supreme,

May Your Compassion-Eye

Conquer once and for all

Humanity's ingratitude-heart. ```

June 4


My Lord Supreme,

Although You are unknown to my heart,

My heart loves You only.

Although You are unknowable to my mind,

My mind is searching for You only.


June 14


My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

Once again I am diving deep

Into Your Heart-Eternity's Compassion-Sea.


I shall be attempting 300 pounds.

After a week of rest while I was in Europe, now I am back.

There also, I totally banked upon Your Compassion.

You have granted me and my disciples three Peace Miles — in Berlin, Zurich and Geneva.

I do not deserve Peace Miles, my students do not deserve them, but Your eternal and unconditional Compassion is with us in these illumining and fulfilling achievements for earth and for mankind.

June 15


My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme,

It is Father's Day.

You are our Father,

Our only Father Supreme.

On this Father's Day

We, Your children, would like to have

A supreme boon from You:

Do grant us the capacity

To be sleepless servitors

Of Your Eternity's Will. ```

June 16


My Lord, my Lord Supreme,

Father's Day is over.

But from You, O our Eternity's Father,

Your infinite Compassion-Light

And Your immortal Forgiveness-Delight

Will never, never be over. ```

June 17


My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme,

What is my success-life,

If not my mind's constant remembrance

Of Your Compassion-Sea?

What is my progress-life,

If not my heart's constant feeling

Of Your Forgiveness-Sky?


June 18


My Lord Supreme, my Lord Supreme,

Do make the outer world soulful

So that it needs You.

My Lord Supreme, my Lord Supreme,

Do make the inner world perfect

So that at every moment

It can sing Your Victory-Manifestation-Song.


June 19


My sweet Lord Beloved Supreme,

Do give me the capacity

Not to criticise the world anymore.

Do give me the capacity

To better myself every day

And thus inwardly, secretly and sacredly

Try to serve the world

For its improvement. ```

June 21


My Absolute Lord Supreme,

I must concentrate soulfully

On what I am doing

And not on how or why

I am afraid to do it.

No fear!

Only Your Compassion, Your Compassion, Your Compassion

Is what I need

And what I am

And what I shall forever be. ```

June 23


My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

As my life is a daily examination,

Even so, You are my constant inspiration,

Constant encouragement and constant assurance.

Therefore, I shall without fail

Pass all my examinations.

My Lord,

You are my inner assurance

And You are my outer performance. ```

June 24


My Lord Supreme, tomorrow a few world champions of the highest order in the sports world, especially in bodybuilding, will join us in our celebration of my first bodybuilding-weightlifting anniversary.

My Lord, do give me the capacity to give these champions of the highest magnitude joy, abundant joy, from the very depths of my aspiration-heart.


June 25


My Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, world champions are coming today, and I am coming to ask You to bless me with an extra supply of Your Kindness, Concern, Affection and Love.

I shall soulfully offer these deep, divine treasure-qualities to these champions, who are inspirers in the world of souls and in the physical world, which is the world You have chosen for humanity for Your divine Manifestation. ```

June 26


My Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, my Eternity's All, today marks the first anniversary of my weightlifting career.

There was a time when You made me a runner, a sprinter, an athlete.

Now You have turned me into a bodybuilder, a weightlifter.

My Lord, soulfully, devotedly and unconditionally I shall become what You want me to become.

Bodybuilders of the highest magnitude, weightlifters of the highest magnitude, Olympic heroes, are here to celebrate my weightlifting anniversary.

I know, I know, my Lord Supreme, what they are actually doing.

They are sharing their sincere love for Your infinite Compassion in me.

They are all seekers.

Some are conscious seekers, while others are going to be conscious seekers before long.

What do I learn from them?

I learn something most significant.

This lesson I have been learning from You since I was four, when I started praying and meditating with Your infinite Grace.

My Lord, You are the Infinite.

You become the finite, yet You do not lose Your Eternity, Infinity and Immortality.

The finite is also You.

Inside the heart of the finite, You play the role of the Infinite.

Here on earth, when the supreme authorities on bodybuilding and weightlifting come to see me and be part of our oneness-family, I feel that the Infinite and the finite, the big and the small, together can sing the song of oneness-peace-family and thus make You happy, offering You satisfaction in Your own Way.

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord, may my outer name and my inner name be gratitude, gratitude, gratitude — sleepless gratitude, breathless gratitude and deathless gratitude — my Lord, my Eternity's Lord, my Absolute Beloved Supreme.


June 28


My Lord Supreme,

Happiness does exist in this world.

My friends, my guests on earth, and I

All got boundless joy from the celebration.

It is You who granted us this joy.

May our joy be transformed into a gratitude-flower

To place at Your Feet.


June 29


My Lord Supreme,

I know You are unknowable.

If You want to remain unknowable,

Then do remain so.

But do give me the satisfaction

Of loving You, knowing perfectly well

That You are the Unknowable.


June 30


My Lord Supreme,

Do help my life grow into

A patience-tree

So that I can serve You

Devotedly and soulfully,

Much more than I am doing now. ```

July 2


My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme Lord,

You are at once God the Power

And God the Compassion.

I need You, my Lord, as God the Power

To destroy the devouring tiger-hunger in me.

I need You, my Lord, as God the Compassion

To liberate the encaged soul-bird in me. ```

July 3


My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

I have come to realise

That my inner aspiration

Must every day feed

My outer determination.

If not, my outer determination

Will not be able to accomplish anything

For You, in Your own Way.


July 5


My sweet Lord Supreme,

You are teaching me

How to forgive the world.

You are also telling me

That an act of forgiveness

Is more beautiful than the Garden of Eden

And sweeter than honey itself.


July 6


My Lord Supreme,

May each defeat, each failure, remind me

Of what I have already accomplished

With Your infinite Grace and Compassion,

And not of what I have not accomplished

And will never accomplish.

I know, I know, my Lord,

This "never" accomplishment is an absurdity.

For You are my inner aspiration

And outer inspiration.

Therefore, I can have no permanent failure.

I shall have success after success

And progress, continuous progress,

For that is what You want from me. ```

July 7


My Lord Supreme,

My mind is divinely prosperous

Only when it works for You;

My heart is supremely enriched

Only when it works for You, for You,

Only for You. ```

July 8


My sweet Lord Supreme,

I shall never give up hope, never!

This weak body of mine

Will have to become strong one day

So that I can serve You

In the physical world

More devotedly and more soulfully

Than I am doing now. ```

July 9


My Lord Supreme,

Your Heart's infinite Compassion is telling me

That You love me because I am lovable

And not because I am Your creation.

My Lord Supreme, I wish to tell You that I love You

Not because You are Your infinite Power.

I love You because You are Your constant

Forgiveness, Forgiveness, Forgiveness. ```

July 10


My Lord Supreme,

Do give me inner peace

To harmonise my outer life.

Do give me inner joy

To perfect my outer life.

Do give me inner gratitude

To claim You as my own, very own,

In my outer life

The way I have always claimed You

As my own, very own,

In my inner life.


July 11


My sweet Lord Supreme,

My heart is grateful to You because

My life is Your Infinity's Blessings;

My life is grateful to You because

My heart is Your Eternity's Choice.


July 12


My Lord Supreme,

Let me not proudly criticise

The division-weakness of the outer world.

Let me soulfully utilise

The oneness-strength of the inner world.


July 14


My sweet Lord Supreme,

I do know there is a life

That is known as the life of failure.

But I also know, I also feel,

That by Your Grace infinite

Someday, somehow, I shall overcome it. ```

July 15


My Lord Supreme,

This world is a colossal disappointment.

Do grant me an appointment with You

And teach me how to love this world

Infinitely more.

Also, do teach me how to love this world


So that I can be really happy. ```

July 16


My Lord Supreme, my Lord Supreme,

I do not want to see the flower-face

Of my own victory;

But I wish to be the heart-fragrance

Of Your supreme Victory,

With Your Grace infinite, eternal

and immortal.


July 21


My Lord Supreme,

I love You only

Because everything in You

Is so lovable.

My Lord Supreme,

I need You only

Because You are the only One

Who has everything that I need

And, also, who is always, always ready

To grant me everything that I need. ```

July 22


My Lord, my Beloved Supreme,

I am totally and unmistakably lost

Between the beauty

Of Your divine Manifestation

And the ugliness

Of my human frustration. ```

July 24


My Lord Supreme,

If my mind does not believe constantly

That it belongs to You,

Then why should You care for

Its illumination and perfection?


July 25


My Lord Supreme,

My sweet Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

May my body's outer success

Soulfully depend on

My heart's inner progress —

Always and always.


July 26 am


My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,

May Thy supreme Victory be proclaimed

Not only in the beauty

Of my heart-garden

But also in the ugliness

Of my mind-jungle. ```

July 26 pm


My Lord Beloved Supreme,

Today I am completing one year and one month

In my bodybuilding and weightlifting-life.

It is a most significant day.

Therefore, my heart of sleepless gratitude

To You I offer. ```

July 28


My Lord Supreme,

For me, there is only one way

And that way is Your Way.

For me, there is only one Goal

And that Goal is Your Compassion-flooded

Oneness-Heart. ```

July 29


My Lord Supreme,

I know, an ingratitude-heart

Is a dissatisfaction-mind.


July 30


My Lord Supreme,

"Give me, give me, give me":

This is a very old song.

Long, long ago, I taught that song

To myself,

And I have been singing that song


But now I want to learn a new song:

"Accept me, accept me, accept me."

This song is Yours.

Do teach me, most perfectly, my new song:

"Accept me, my Lord, accept me!" ```

July 31


My Lord Supreme,

From my success I come to realise

That You give satisfaction to my mind.

Through my progress I come to realise

That You need my life's perfection.


August 2


My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

I tell You and also I tell myself

That I need Your supreme Guidance

At every moment of my life.

But do I really mean it?

Do I really, soulfully, always welcome

Your Guidance?

Alas, no, no, no!


August 4


My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

Every day, at every moment,

I live inside Your perpetual Compassion-Eye,

And every day You believe in my life's

Eventual transformation-perfection. ```

August 5


My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

Do tell me why I take the side

Of my mind's doubt-night

And fight and fight

Against my heart's confidence-light. ```

August 6


My Absolute Lord Supreme,

I am praying to You

To stop forgiving and protecting

My mind's huge ego-balloon.

I am praying to You

To fully illumine and completely perfect

My purified heart's confidence-sky.


August 8


My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

My gratitude-life is now helping me

Reclaim my aspiration of the hoary past

When at every moment

I lived only for You, only for You —

Only to love You and serve You

In the heart of mankind. ```

August 9


My Lord Supreme,

My Absolute Supreme,

From now on let me not stick

To my mind's opinions.

Let me not adhere

To my heart's decisions.

Let me only faithfully follow

Your blessingful Guidance. ```

August 11


My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

My body's strength

Comes from my mind's happiness.

My mind's happiness

Comes from my heart's gratitude.

My heart's gratitude

Comes from my life's surrender. ```

From:Sri Chinmoy,I pray before I lift, I meditate while I lift, I offer my gratitude-cries and gratitude-smiles, Agni Press, 1986
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/pbl