Rizal Memorial Library and Museum — A Sri Chinmoy Peace Museum, Cebu City2

My art is a beautiful flower from my aspiration-heart. My art is a sweet fragrance from my dedication-life. My art is a God-searching and God-longing cry and a God-revealing and God-manifesting smile of my life-breath.

With my art I have attained a high altitude in my aspiration-flight. With my art I have obtained an unmistakably free access to all the inner worlds. With my art I have transformed my mind’s untold tragedies and miseries into my heart’s enlightening rhapsodies and ecstasies.

My art is a master-builder of my sterling faith-temple, indomitable confidence-fort and immortal promise-tower. My faith tells me that my Lord Supreme’s Heart is for my life. My confidence tells me that my very existence on earth is sleeplessly and breathlessly only for God’s God-Satisfaction in His own Way. My promise tells me that there shall come a time, either in the near future or in the distant future, when this world of ours will be inundated with Infinity’s peace.

Peace, peace, peace. What is peace? Peace is the embodiment of abiding happiness. Peace is the revelation of perfect perfection in a human being. Peace is the complete manifestation of God’s transcendental Dream here on earth.

I am now offering my prayerful gratitude to the heart and soul of this Museum. When I drew these paintings, I had only love, devotion and joy. Now I am adding gratitude to my love, devotion and joy. From now on, the paintings that are here will embody my gratitude as well.

These paintings of mine are like tiny drops, and the Museum is like the vast ocean. When the tiny drops enter into the ocean lovingly, soulfully and self-givingly, they immediately become part and parcel of the mighty ocean. They lose their finite existence and become the Existence infinite and immortal.

I am offering my heart of boundless gratitude to the Vice Mayor, the Curator, the Cultural Affairs Officer and all the others who have so kindly accepted my peace-service to humanity. These Peace-Blossoms are our heart’s cries and our soul’s smiles in the service of mankind for the transformation of human life and the perfection of the human race. These Peace-Blossoms claim each and every human being on earth as their own, very own, as part and parcel of one peaceful, blissful world-family.

PBP 3. For two weeks during January 1993, the Rizal Memorial Library and Museum hosted an exhibition of Sri Chinmoy's artwork. The exhibition featured several hundred small drawings of "soul-birds," as well as a number of acrylic paintings. At the opening reception, held on 8 January, the Museum was dedicated as a Sri Chinmoy Peace Museum and Sri Chinmoy presented two of his paintings as a donation to the Museum's permanent collection.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Peace-Blossoms on the Philippine Life-Tree, Agni Press, 1993
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/pbp