Meditation and invocation

Question: What happens when several disciples invoke you at once?

Sri Chinmoy: When you are driving in a car, you look ahead and to the side and also you look behind you in the mirror. At the same time, you are pressing with your foot on the gas. Like this, four or five things you can do at the same time. For this you don't need ESP. How many things you can do with the physical! But if you become spiritual, if you get Peace, Light and Bliss, then you can do many more things. While I was talking to you, the soul of Rekha's sister just came and sat at my feet. She was a good disciple and I gave her such affection, but she left our path. With human eyes I was talking to you, but at the same time with my third eye I was feeding her.

Just now Katyayani's soul has come and it is moving around. While I was talking to you, her soul was sitting at my feet. If there were an occultist of a very high order here, he would immediately see this. Katyayani lives in Canada and Rekha's sister lives in New Mexico. From Canada and New Mexico their souls have come to me.

If something very serious happens to one of my spiritual children, at that time my physical mind may not be aware of it, but my soul will know. Your whole frame or face will come and stand in front of me. Five or six days ago another disciple was very mad at her children, and immediately I saw her just in front of me. I thought she was disturbed by her daughter. But usually this happens only if it is something very serious.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Palmistry, reincarnation and the dream state, Agni Press, 1977
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