Group meditation1

When you meditate in a group, I often ask you people to sit in straight lines so that, like a current, you will get my force. But if you are sleeping, how can you receive this force? You cannot sleep and at the same time concentrate, meditate and contemplate. When we meditated just a few minutes ago, five boys ruined the group's meditation by sleeping. Otherwise, the group would have done extremely well. Many girls surrendered to sleep and became lethargic. I think for the first time in our Centre, the boys have done better than the girls. I'm absolutely impartial. This time the boys have really been attentive. This was a good competition. It is like playing a game. If you are a bad player, your presence on the team is a disgrace. If you are a good player, you add your capacity and maintain your team's prestige. Boys, I am begging you. If you are not alert, if you are in the habit of losing your concentration, or sleeping, don't join the contest. If you are sleeping, your presence will decrease the group's points.

As soon as a bad thought comes to your mind, immediately try to get the opposite thought, the antonym. And if you get a good thought and you are unable to continue it, then get a synonym. Suppose divine love has come to you, but you are unable to continue it. Just think of compassion, concern. They fall in the same category. If it is a good thought and you cannot continue it, then try to get another divine thought, something similar. This gives your mind a little relaxation. Otherwise, if your mind has to deal with only one concept, it is difficult. If you can continue with one idea, marvellous. You become strong, stronger, strongest. But if you find it difficult to hold one, then try to get a synonym. This will act like a fresh flower. Of course, it is best of all to have no thoughts at all.

Another secret: If you want something, you have to meditate on it. This is the best way to achieve one particular quality. If you are meditating on peace, then you will get peace. If you want love and if you meditate on love, then you will get that. But when you meditate on the Supreme in me, at that time you will get everything. When you aim for me like an arrow, you can do the best meditation. Peace, love, joy, light — everything you will get. In regular meditation, everyone will have a different approach. If your heart wants peace or joy, you will be knocking at one particular door, whereas another person who wants light and delight will be knocking at another door. Each person will have his own way. But the best way is to knock at my heart's door. That is the best way. Once my heart is open, then you can go to the kitchen, the living room, the study, the meditation room, wherever you want, and you can select whichever quality your heart needs.

  1. PRY 5. Sri Chinmoy delivered these remarks after holding a meditation "contest" between his men disciples and women disciples.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Philosophy, religion and yoga, Agni Press, 1980
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