5 October 1995, Centre Sportif du Bout du Monde, Geneva, Switzerland

Excerpt from remarks by Mr. Vladimir F. Petrovsky, Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, at his private residence during a meeting with Sri Chinmoy before the Peace Concert:

I admire you very much, Sri Chinmoy. What I admire very much in your case are your relentless efforts to achieve the goal of peace. For me, you and your Group are like the United Nations, a miniature United Nations. You now have Centres in most countries all over the world. You have long been a dear and close friend. My friendship with you and with all your students is a most pleasant experience in my life.

Introductory remarks given at the Peace Concert by Mr. Aleksandr Gavroushkin, Political Affairs Officer and Special Assistant to Mr. Vladimir Petrovsky:

On behalf of the Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, I would like to welcome Sri Chinmoy and, indeed, all the participants in this concert, to the city.

This event is dedicated to peace, and the purpose and aim of the United Nations is also peace. Thus, it is not an accident that Sri Chinmoy, his ideas and his activities are deeply respected at the United Nations. He is among those few who are able to share their spiritual strengths with others to provide us with guidance, hope and encouragement. And this is why I am sure that this concert will be among the most remarkable events in our lives.

Peace Concert dedication by Sri Chinmoy:

Today’s Peace Concert I am prayerfully, soulfully and self-givingly offering to the most illumining soul of the United Nations. True, according to many, if not all, the United Nations has made deplorable mistakes. In spite of that, the United Nations has served the world-community in hundreds of ways most beautifully, most powerfully and most convincingly. The role that the United Nations has been playing for the last fifty years in the world-arena will forever and forever be remembered throughout the length and breadth of the world with love, infinite love, and gratitude, infinite gratitude. I personally am most grateful to the Lord Supreme for having given me the golden opportunity to be of service to the United Nations through my prayers and meditations for the last twenty-five years.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My prayerful salutations to the United Nations, Agni Press, 1996
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/pun