The missing water bottle20

At night, one of my disciples was driving us along the route where one of my spiritual daughters, A., was going to run thirteen miles the next morning, so we could leave bottles of water there. She was saying that she wanted to get rid of all her old running shoes. Another of my spiritual daughters, B., who was in the car with us, said, “Why do you have to get rid of them? There will be many people to buy them.” But she used some American slang expression.

A. said, “Nobody will buy my shoes.”

B. said, “Why don’t you give them to Casey to sell in his flea market? People will be happy to buy running shoes at a cheap price.”

A. put bottles of water at the three-mile, five-mile and six-mile marks. On the bottles it was written, “This bottle is for a runner. Please do not remove!” or something like that.

The next morning A. was supposed to start running at six o’clock. At five o’clock I was out running along the same route. A little before the three mile mark, I said to myself, “Let me go and see whether the bottle is still there.” I knew she had put it near the sidewalk at the base of a drinking fountain. I stopped there to look, but the bottle was not there. “Wonderful, wonderful” I thought sadly. “Somebody has removed it.”

I was about to start running again on the street when one of my inner beings said, “My Lord, please run on the sidewalk.” I didn’t ask why. After 100 metres, right at the 1,500-metre mark on the sidewalk, I saw the bottle standing straight up. Someone had removed the bottle and put it on the sidewalk. Had my inner being not asked me to run on the sidewalk, I would not have seen the bottle since it was quite dark.

I picked up the bottle and ran back to put it in the original place. Then I continued my run.

RB 84. 29 September 1979

From:Sri Chinmoy,Run and become, become and run, part 2, Agni Press, 1979
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