British enthusiasm13

At the inauguration of the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile in London, the weather was mild and excellent. It was very unusual for England. Believe it or not, the sun actually came out! Everybody was so happy that we were blessed by the presence of the sun.

All around the one-mile loop there were beautiful blue flags, quite small, and large pictures of important runners. They started with Robert de Castella’s picture, then some English runners, and ended with Sebastian Coe’s picture — as if he were finishing first.

There were also twelve stone plaques on the course with the inscription “Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile”. There was also a big plaque that told our ideals and philosophy in a nutshell.

Thirty metres away from the starting line there were four golden statues of Lord Buddha in a peace pagoda. Right near the start was the River Thames, which runs along about 800 metres of the course. It was all very beautiful!

I always speak about enthusiasm. This time the British have shown enthusiasm from beginning to end. How cheerfully they worked together! In terms of happiness, enthusiasm, warmth and oneness, this race far surpassed all the races we have ever held, including those in New York. I always say, “Become, and then go beyond.” So they have become one with all the good qualities that New York offers in its races, and they have gone far beyond.

The big shots who came were so nice! How kindly and respectfully they talked to me. I was so deeply moved.

RB 919. 15 March 1986

From:Sri Chinmoy,Run and become, become and run, part 18, Agni Press, 1996
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