Newness is of supreme importance. Every time we invoke newness, newness gives us hope. Newness gives us promise. Again, newness brings us the message of fulness. Anything that is old is not complete. Anything that is new is full of hope. In newness there is the hope and the promise that we will be complete. Oldness can never embody the complete reality. It is the ever-transcending newness that will carry the message of completion.

Every day, think of yourself as a new flower. In the morning you can think of yourself as a bud. Then at noon, feel that this bud is blossoming. Finally, in the evening, you can think of yourself as a fully blossomed lotus. It all started with newness. When the flower was a little bud, it was new. While it is blossoming, it is again new. Then in the evening, when it is fully blossomed, again it is new. In the morning, the newness of the flower is just tiny. At noon it becomes a little bigger. In the evening it becomes the largest. This is the life of eternal newness.

Newness always carries hope. Newness always carries promise. What we need in life is hope and promise, hope and promise. Newness always carries the message of hope, the message of promise and the message of fulfilment, divine fulfilment.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Rainbow-Flowers, part 3, Agni Press, 1999
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