My Race-Prayers, part 1



My Lord,

My God-realisation-aspiration

Has been crying for centuries,

And yet I do not know

Where You are

Or where I am.


3 December 1999 Curitiba, Brazil



My Lord,

You are commanding me

To join You

In Your beginningless


Therefore, my heart is all gratitude

To You.


31 December 1999

Curitiba, Brazil



O Lord,

How beautiful is the morning

When I can see Your Beauty’s Eye

And Duty’s Hands and Legs

Circling the dreaming hopes

Of my life,

The streaming tears

Of my heart

And the blossoming smiles

Of my soul!


8 January 2000 Iguassu Falls, Brazil



My Lord Supreme,

My prayers cannot satisfy You.

My meditations cannot satisfy You.

What else, then, can I do for You

To satisfy You?

“My child,

How do you know

That your prayers and meditations

Are not satisfying Me?

They do satisfy Me.

But I want you to satisfy Me

Sleeplessly and breathlessly,

And infinitely more,

Infinitely more.”


12 January 2000

Iguassu Falls, Brazil



When I look into God’s Eye,

I see that He is Infinite and I am finite.

When I look into God’s Heart,

I clearly see and throbbingly feel

That I am His Eternity’s doll

And He is my Eternity’s All.


15 January 2000 Iguassu Falls, Brazil



My Lord, an unconditionally

God-surrendered seeker

And God-surrendered lover

Is the beauty

Of the ever-blossoming

Universal Consciousness

And the fragrance

Of the ever-heightening

Transcendental Consciousness.


19 January 2000

Asunción, Paraguay



My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!

My God-discovery has solved

Not only all intricate mysteries,

But also all insoluble problems,

Past, present and future.

My Lord, You have given me

And I have.

“My child, I have given you

And you are.”


22 January 2000 Asunción, Paraguay



My Lord Supreme

Voraciously devours

The beaming smiles

Of my soul.

My Lord Supreme

Voraciously devours

The streaming tears

Of my heart.


27 January 2000 Brasilia, Brazil



My Lord, my Lord,

The outer runner promises


On earth.

The inner runner fulfils

The promise.

The outer runner runs

For God.

The inner runner runs

With God.


5 February 2000 New York



Every morning I gladden

My Lord’s Heart immensely

By crying and flying

In my inner life,

And by smiling and running

In my outer life.


26 February 2000 New York



My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,

My running is the rose-beauty

And jasmine-fragrance

Of my God-blossoming heart.


4 March 2000 New York



My Lord, my Lord,

You are telling me that

A smiling heart-runner

Is the enjoyer supreme

Of Heaven’s infinite Beauty

And immortal Fragrance,

Specially when the runner runs

In inclement weather,

Unpleasant weather,

Uninspiring weather

And undivine weather.


11 March 2000

New York



My Lord, my Lord,

My implicit faith

In my God-surrender-run

Is speedily and safely

Taking me

To my God-Destination

Of the ever-blossoming

And ever-heightening Beyond.


18 March 2000 New York



My Lord, my Lord,

You are reminding me

Again and again

Of the undeniable fact

That a sleeplessly self-giving seeker

Is absolutely the fastest runner

In the worlds of aspiration

And dedication.


25 March 2000 New York



I am a morning runner.

God gives me His Beauty.

I am a midday runner.

God gives me His Power.

I am an afternoon runner.

God gives me His Charm.

I am an evening runner.

God gives me His Peace.

I am a midnight runner.

God gives me His Pride.


29 April 2000 New York



O our 3,100-mile-run runners,

My sleepless, prayerful, soulful, powerful

And proud gratitude-heart-throbs

I have discovered

In your aspiration-mountain-height

And in your dedication-fountain-delight.

O my Saturday two-mile-race runners,

Your running is challenging,

Yet charming and thrilling.


29 July 2000

New York



My Lord Beloved Supreme,

You have given

My finite gratitude-heart

The capacity

To bind Your Universal Life

And Transcendental Self

At the same time.


5 August 2000

New York



My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!

The Heaven-born fragrance

Of my inner running-soul

Becomes the earth-transforming beauty

Of my outer running-life.

My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!


26 August 2000 New York



My Lord, my Lord,

My morning run unites

My God-readiness-heart

With God’s absolute Fulness-Smile.


16 September 2000 New York



My Lord, my Lord,

When my body, my vital

And my mind walk,

My name becomes transformation.

When my heart runs,

My name becomes satisfaction.

When my soul flies,

My name becomes perfection,

And God tells me who I eternally am.


28 October 2000

New York



My Lord, my Lord,

My life is my patience.

My patience is God’s Satisfaction.

God’s Satisfaction is my All

In the inner world

Of my God-realisation

And in the outer world

Of my God-manifestation.


11 November 2000 New York



May every morning

My life become

The lotus-beauty-fragrance-petals

Of my God-oneness-heart.


2 December 2000 Ayutthaya, Thailand



This morning God asked my mind

If my mind sleeplessly loves Him.

Then God asked my heart

If my heart breathlessly needs Him.

My mind immediately said to God,

“I definitely love You sleeplessly.”

My heart prayerfully said to God,

“My Lord, please give me

A few years.

Right now I am quite uncertain.”

God said to my mind,

“My son, cultivate sincerity!”

God said to my heart,

“My child, develop speed!”


20 December 2000 Mandalay, Myanmar



Slowly, steadily and unerringly

My earth-life-tree grows,

Blossoms and glows

Under the Compassion-Vision-Eye

Of my Absolute Lord Supreme.


23 December 2000

Mandalay, Myanmar



The mind’s greatness-heights

Are perishable.

The heart’s goodness-depths

Are imperishable.


13 January 2001 Bali, Indonesia



My Lord,

With the beauty

Of my outer running

And with the fragrance

Of my inner running,

I shall make my God-manifestation

A must.


10 February 2001

New York



The outer run inspires me

To go and see God.

The inner run inspires me

To come and sit at God’s Feet.


17 February 2001 New York



My Lord,

To love running

In the morning

Is the beginning

Of my God-pleasing life.


24 February 2001

New York



My Lord,

Not with my earthly skill,

And not with my Heavenly will,

But with my Lord’s

Express Arrival-Thrill

I have completely transformed

My life.


10 March 2001

New York



In the morning

I am the blossoming beauty of God.

During the day

I am the unending duty of God.

At night

I am the dreaming melody of God.


17 March 2001 New York



God’s golden Touch

I love.

God’s golden Smiles

I treasure.

God’s golden Tears

I devour.


24 March 2001 New York



My Lord,

Not the streaming tears

Of the most deplorable defeats,

But the beaming smiles

Of the most laudable victories,

My life and I eternally are.


31 March 2001 New York



My Lord, I have won

Your Victory-Face

By running every day

Your morning Race.


7 April 2001 New York



My morning run

Shortens my goal.

So says my heart’s

Divine blue-gold soul.


10 April 2001 New York



Because I love God,

God exists.

Because I need God,

God smiles.

Because I sing God’s Victory-Song,

God proudly belongs to me.


21 April 2001 New York



My inner hunger cries;

My life of beauty flies.

My dreamboat-heart sails;

It never, never fails.


28 April 2001 New York



There is only one victory

In my inner life and outer life,

And that victory is

My self-transcendence

In God’s own Way.


12 May 2001

New York



My Lord,

Do shower wisdom-light

Upon me.

In the spiritual run,

Retirement is conscious




23 June 2001/

New York



Never say that the world is wrong,

But say that the world

Can be perfected

Slowly, steadily, unerringly

And unmistakably.


30 June 2001

New York



My Lord,

When I look at Your Feet,

You ask me to look at Your Face.

When I look at Your Face,

You ask me to look at Your Eye.

When I look at Your Eye,

You ask me to enter into Your Heart.

The moment I enter into Your Heart,

You blessingfully and proudly tell me,

“My child, now you can rest.”


7 July 2001 New York



Light, more light,

Abundant light and infinite light!

Every day

In our inner life of aspiration

May we observe our festival of lights.


14 July 2001

New York



Mornings come to me

With the sound-power

Of the Unknown.

Evenings come to me

With the silence-peace

Of the Unknowable.

My Lord Beloved Supreme

Comes to me both in the mornings

And in the evenings

With what He has and what He is:



21 July 2001

New York



To my greatest joy,

Today I have come to realise

That it is infinitely easier for me

To please my Lord Supreme

In His own Way

Than to please myself

In my own way.


4 August 2001

New York



My Lord,

I have enjoyed the beauty

Of the world.

I have enjoyed the fragrance

Of the world.

What more do I have to do, my Lord?

“My child,

I now want you to become

The streaming tears

And the bleeding hearts

Of the world

To become My most perfect instrument

On earth.”


11 August 2001

New York



The pride of the earthly race

And the joy of the Heavenly Race

Have the same goal:



25 May 2002 New York



Our Lord wants to hear everything

From our God-union-heart.

Our Lord does not want to hear

Even a single word

From our God-division-mind.


8 June 2002

New York



My Lord, my Lord,

Do keep me sleeplessly

Only with the God-necessity-seekers,

And never, never

With those who are self-sufficient.


13 July 2002

New York



My Lord, You want me to pray.

I pray for Your Compassion-Eye.

My Lord, You want me to meditate.

I meditate on Your Victory-Banner.

My Lord, do tell me

If I am supposed to do anything else.

“Yes, My child,

You have to do something more.

When you are in a bad mood,

Repeat and repeat and repeat,

‘My Lord, I am all for You.’

And when you are in a good mood,

Repeat and repeat and repeat,

‘My Lord, You are all for me,

All for me, all for me.’”


20 July 2002

New York



Love the world.

Frustration and renunciation

Shall be your two more names.

Love God.

God’s Grace and God’s Praise

Shall be your two more names.


27 July 2002 New York



Surrender, surrender, surrender!

I must surrender my life,

My heart and my very breath

To the Will of my Lord Beloved Supreme

At every moment.

If I succeed, only then will He claim me

As His own, very own.


10 August 2002

New York



My life will be

Of a very, very, very special significance

Here on earth

If I can be a constantly cheerful


To the Will of my Lord Beloved Supreme.


1 March 2003 New York



My Lord, can You not see

That my outer world

Is dark, darker, darkest?

“My child, can you not see

That I have kept your inner world

Bright, brighter, brightest,

Plus pure, purer, purest?”


22 March 2003 New York



I pray and pray and pray

When my life needs God.

I meditate, I meditate, I meditate

When my heart loves God.


5 April 2003 New York



No, no, the outer running is not fun.

It is our heart’s joy-invocation.

No, no, the outer running is not fun.

It is our soul’s Godful inspiration.


17 May 2003 New York



I love my Lord, I love my Lord!

Therefore I cry and cry.

I need my Lord, I need my Lord!

Therefore I try and try.


31 May 2003 New York



My Lord, may I say something to You?

“Yes, My child, yes.”

My Lord, I want to be near You.

“No, My child, I want you to say:

‘My Lord, I want to touch You.’

No, My child, I want you to say:

‘My Lord, I want to catch You.’

No, My child, I want you to say:

‘My Lord, I want to embrace You.’

No, My child, I want you to say:

‘My Lord, I want to fulfil You.’

No, My child, I want you to say:

‘My Lord, I want to surrender

My earth-existence to You.’

My child, then do it!”

My Lord, I am doing it.

“Heaven, look, look! Earth, look, look!

My child has made his unconditional

And complete surrender to Me.

My child, you have now become

The Heart of My Life

And the Breath of My Soul.”


7 June 2003 New York



Victory, Victory,

Our Lord’s supreme Victory,

We must proclaim and establish

Here on earth at every moment.


14 June 2003 New York



Alas, alas,

Our conscious and unconscious pride

Has completely destroyed

Our long-cherished God-oneness-joy.


14 June 2003 New York



Devotion, devotion,

Sleepless, breathless God-devotion!

No devotion —

No highest, no higher, no high



19 July 2003

New York



I do not want my God-hunger

Only to be a childish hobby.

I want my God-hunger

To win

God’s Satisfaction-Trophy.


26 July 2003

New York



My Lord, I have seen

The Beauty of Your Eye,

But I have not felt

The Power of Your Heart,

And I have not become

The dust of Your Feet —

Alas, alas, alas!


9 August 2003

New York



Alas, I cannot remember

The last time when

My heart most sincerely,

Most soulfully and most self-givingly

Said to God,

“My Lord Beloved Supreme,

I love You only,

And I need You only.”


11 October 2003 New York



In supreme Silence

The Absolute Lord Supreme

Says to the God-Realised souls,

“My supremely chosen children,

I bring you into the world

Not to defend yourselves

Under any circumstances,

But to love Me and serve Me

Unconditionally, sleeplessly

And breathlessly

In My own Way

In each human being

And also in each earth-planet-creation

Of Mine.

You must realise that as you claim Me

To be your All,

Even so, I claim you,

My Oneness-Vision-Reality-children,

To be My All.”


25 October 2003

New York




Is frustration-poison-drinking.

A constant self-giving

Is nectar-delight-drinking.


1 November 2003 New York



My Lord,

I wish to know from You personally

The differences that exist

Between You and me.

“My child,

There are countless differences

But I shall name only three:

Unlike Me, every day

You have a very tight schedule.

You have no time to write to Me.

You have no time to speak to Me.

You do not even have the time

To speak to me over your heart-phone.

I write to you every day.

I try to speak to you every day.

But alas, alas and alas,

I get no response from you.

Now the second difference is this:

I constantly make fun of myself.

Alas, you have not yet learnt

This particular art,

And I have no idea whether

You will ever be able to learn this art.

The third difference is this:

You think and you feel

That you are indispensable

There in Heaven and here on earth.

In My case, I am absolutely sure

That not only this world,

But also all the worlds

That are in existence,

Can live without Me.

In a sense, you are badly needed

Here, there and all-where.

In My case, nobody wants Me,

Nobody needs Me.

I am left all alone.”


8 November 2003

New York



Each God-seeker

Is the Beauty of God’s Heart,

The Divinity of God’s Breath

And the Immortality of God’s Dream.


15 November 2003 New York



God loves me

Not because I am a very good


God blesses me with His Compassion

Not because I am a very bad


God loves me and blesses me

Precisely because I am

His Eternity’s child-flower


His Infinity’s dream-fragrance.


22 November 2003

New York



The seeker’s spiritual life begins

Only when he sincerely feels

That he is only for God,

Only for God, only for God.


28 November 2003 Singapore



I must breathe in every Breath

Of my Lord Beloved Supreme

With a tremendous soulfulness,

Eagerness and intensity.


3 December 2003 Solo, Indonesia



I really love

My ever-blossoming

God-manifestation-tears and smiles,

I really do.


6 December 2003 Solo, Indonesia



Two kings: the inner and the outer.

The outer king prays to the inner King

For power, boundless power.

The inner King says to the outer king,

“My child, not power,

But light, light, light!”

The outer king says to the inner King,

“My Father Lord Supreme,

How can I be like You?”

The inner King says to the outer king,

“My child, love Me, pray to Me,

Surrender to Me and claim Me.

You are bound to realise that

Who I am and what I am

You already are in the inner world.”


10 December 2003

Solo, Indonesia



My morning running prayer

Is my heart’s



11 December 2003

Solo, Indonesia



Each new morning

Is a new opportunity for me

To sit in a new way

At my Lord’s Feet

And devour the dust

Of my Lord’s new Feet

In a new way.


12 December 2003/

Solo, Indonesia



My outer running shows me

The smiling Face of God.

My inner running brings me

The dancing Heart of God.


13 December 2003 Solo, Indonesia



We must not enjoy

Our comfortable way of thinking

About God.

We must enjoy only

Our self-giving willingness

To fulfil God’s Will.


17 December 2003 Yogyakarta, Indonesia



This morning

My Lord Supreme commanded me

To use His Mirror.

I immediately obeyed His Command.

To my widest astonishment,

I saw myself as a budding God.

I said to my Beloved Supreme,

“What about Your other children?

You have countless children.

What about them?”

Smilingly and blessingfully

He said to me,

“They are also the same, My child.

All your brothers and sisters

Are also budding Gods and Goddesses.”


18 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia



Today my life

Has a new name:



19 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia



My heart

Is my Master’s home,

Only home.

I must not roam,

I must not roam.


21 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia



God tells me

That if I try to hide

From His Compassion-Eye

And His Forgiveness-Heart,

Then He will deliberately forget

My outer name

And my inner home.


24 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia



Today I am in

The seventh Heaven of delight.


My heart’s devotion-tears

And my life’s surrender-smiles

Are playing hide-and-seek.


28 December 2003 Yogyakarta, Indonesia




The breath of the New Year

Has just entered into my heart

And has given me

Three spiritual names:

Excitement, enlightenment

And fulfilment.


31 December 2003

Yogyakarta, Indonesia



This morning

My heart was running

With the God-obedience-currents

And dancing

With the God-obedience-waves.


2 January 2004

Yogyakarta, Indonesia



My Lord,

What is more important,

Your Blessings or Your Love?

“My child,

Both are equally important.

My Blessings you need

To make yourself absolutely divine.

My Love you need

To become

A supremely choice instrument

Of My Transcendental Vision.”


7 January 2004 Bali, Indonesia



If you believe that

To please God in His own Way

Is essential in your life,

Then why not do it immediately?


14 January 2004 Bali, Indonesia



In spite of being

Shockingly undivine,

Human beings pray to God,

Love God and serve God.

This is, indeed,

The greatest miracle of all.


17 January 2004 Bali, Indonesia



My Lord,

You had to wait

Countless years

For me to come and see You.

How is it that I cannot wait

One single, solitary day

For You to come and see me?

“My child,

Awake, arise —

Arise, awake!”


21 January 2004

Bali, Indonesia



A seeker-runner’s life

Is made of

God’s Heart-Songs.


22 January 2004

Bali, Indonesia



When I start counting

My Lord’s Blessings

Upon my devoted head

And surrendered life,

In no time I fall asleep.

My Lord blesses me

With the sweetest dream.

In that dream I see and hear

God telling me,

“My child,

You do not have to count

My Blessings.

You just be happy and remain happy,

Be happy and remain happy.

Your happiness is all I want

From your inner life

And your outer life as well.”


23 January 2004 Bali, Indonesia



The outer world

Is time-bondage-imprisonment.

The inner world

Is Eternity’s



25 January 2004

Bali, Indonesia




Is extremely, extremely proud of



27 January 2004

Bali, Indonesia



When we pay any attention

To our doubting mind,

Our aspiring heart starves

And withdraws.


28 January 2004 Bali, Indonesia



My earthly hope says,

“I can.”

My Heavenly promise says,

“I already have done:


On the path.”


29 January 2004 Bali, Indonesia



The human life

Is for the God-hunger.

The divine life

Is for the universal feast.


31 January 2004 Bali, Indonesia



Run, run, run!

Spirituality needs both

The inner running

And the outer running.

Neither the inner running

Nor the outer running

Is a curiosity-invitation.

In the life of a genuine God-seeker

And God-lover,

Curiosity-indulgence is an inescapable

And inevitable self-destructive force.

Only when God’s unconditional

Forgiveness-Power descends,

Can the seeker make a fresh attempt

At spiritual progress.

Before we accept spirituality,

Curiosity may inspire a certain seeker

To enter into the spiritual life.

But once a seeker is spiritually



Is the most self-destructive force.


21 February 2004 New York



I am a God-dreamer-life.

I am a God-lover-heart.

I am a God-listener-mind.

I am a God-carrier-vital.

I am a God-server-body.

I am a God-treasurer-soul.

I am a God-whisperer-soul.

I am a God-drummer-soul.

I am a God-messenger-soul.

I am a God-harbinger-soul.


Commentary: How I wish all of you would learn this prayer by heart. It will definitely, definitely help you in your aspiration-life, so all of you kindly learn it by heart. This is a most special prayer. If you can memorise it, I will be so grateful to you.

28 February 2004

New York



No age will replace

Our Master’s tears

And our Master’s smiles.

No age will replace

My children’s love for me

And their faith in me.

No age will replace

My gratitude to their hearts

And their gratitude to my life.


6 March 2004

New York



Be brave, be brave, be brave!

Live not in fear-torture-cave.

Be brave, be brave, be brave,

The way to God’s Home to pave.


13 March 2004 New York



My prayerful and soulful service

To humanity

Is not my sacrifice.

It is the gigantic fulfilment

Of my Heaven-climbing

And God-fulfilling dream.


20 March 2004 New York



I must transcend my previous

Aspiration-heart-height, I must!

I must surpass my previous

Dedication-life-length, I must!

I must deepen my previous

Ecstasy-soul-depth, I must!


27 March 2004 New York



The real spiritual life means

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

And eternally

The victory of



3 April 2004

New York


Editor's note

These prayers were mostly offered by Sri Chinmoy at the conclusion of the weekly Saturday morning “Runners are smilers two-mile races” held in New York. In 2002 Sri Chinmoy renamed them “Self-Transcendence Races.” During Christmas trips to other countries, additional races are held on other days of the week over shorter or longer distances. Sri Chinmoy frequently participated in these races.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My Race-Prayers, part 1, Agni Press, 2004
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