My Race-Prayers, part 2



The outer weather challenges us;

The inner weather frightens us.

But our Lord’s infinite Compassion,

Affection, Love and Concern

Enable us to silence and smash

Their pride and torture.


6 April 2004 New York



A self-conquered

And God-surrendered seeker

Is absolutely the best


And the most perfect



9 April 2004 New York



Each time an unconditionally

God-surrendered seeker

Meets with God,

God tells him,

“My child, you are the beauty

Of My Soul’s

Transcendental Dream

And you are the duty

Of My Heart’s

Universal Reality.”


10 April 2004 New York




My Lord’s Compassion-Victory

And my life’s surrender-victory

We shall together celebrate.


17 April 2004 New York



My Lord Supreme,

May Thy Victory be proclaimed

In and through me

At every moment of my life.

My Lord Supreme,

My Lord Supreme,

My Lord Supreme!


24 April 2004

New York



The human life is

A confusion-dissatisfaction-jungle.

The divine life is

A beauty-fragrance-garden.

A God-seeker’s sleepless

God-surrender-life is

A God-Heartbeat-assimilation-



8 May 2004 New York




My Supreme,

My Lord Supreme,

My Beloved Supreme,

My heart, my life and I

Wish to learn only two things from You:

Do teach us how to cry for You,

Only for You,

And how to surrender ourselves

Entirely and completely to You,

Only to You.


15 May 2004

New York



Those who love God happily,

Cheerfully, self-givingly, unconditionally,

Sleeplessly and breathlessly

Will never, never, never believe

In God’s defeat-failures.

To them, every moment is God’s Victory,

God’s Supreme Victory,

Even though at times

Our wee human mind

Cannot understand the significance

Of God’s constant Victory,

Victory Transcendental

And Victory Universal.


22 May 2004

New York



My outer running

Is my body’s journey —

The destination is known.

My inner running

Is my soul’s journey —

The Goal is unknowable.


5 June 2004 New York



The life that does not believe in

God-loving and God-pleasing prayers

Will end in a most painful failure.

The life that believes in

God-loving and God-fulfilling prayers

Will unmistakably grow into

God’s brightest Smile and highest Pride.


12 June 2004

New York



My body unconsciously loves

Harmful silence-lethargy.

My heart consciously loves

Soulful silence-ecstasy.

I consciously plus self-givingly love

Godful silence-intimacy.


26 June 2004 New York



For God-realisation,

Needed: no outer skill.

Needed, needed, needed:

Only a God-crying thrill.


3 July 2004 New York



My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!

I am no more

A ‘give me’ beggar.

From now on I shall be

A ‘take me’ child —

Your child.


10 July 2004 New York



Learn more truth.

Earn more joy.

Be more perfect.

Be more perfect.

Earn more joy.

Learn more truth.

This message-light

Is for all.


17 July 2004 New York



I give my money-power to God.

God smiles at me.

I give my name, my fame,

My joy and my pride to God.

God smiles at me twice.

I give my oneness-heart

Unreservedly to God.

God smiles at me a million times

And embraces me a million times.

I give my cheerful, sleepless

And unconditional

Surrender-breath to God.

God smiles at me

And deliberately forgets to stop.

God embraces me

And deliberately forgets to stop.


24 July 2004 New York



The mind thinks

That God is unapproachable.

The heart knows and feels

That God is not only approachable

But also sleeplessly lovable

And breathlessly adorable.


31 July 2004 New York



Who is my hero?

No, not a good God-talker.

Who is my hero?

No, not a good God-dreamer.

Who is my hero?

No, not a good God-lover.

Who is my hero?

No, not a good God-server.

Who is my hero?

My hero, indeed:

A God-bleeding heart

And a God-blossoming life.


7 August 2004 New York



I am proud of myself

Because I think of God every day.

God is proud of Himself

Because He thinks of me

At every moment, at each hush gap.

I am proud of myself

Because I love God only.

God says to me,

“Is it so, My child?

Is it so, My child?

I do not think so, My child.

I do not think so, My child.”


14 August 2004 New York



I fly to please my soul.

I cry to please my heart.

I judge to please my mind.

I challenge to please my vital.

I rest to please my body.

I suffer to please my life.

I love, I serve, I serve, I love

To please my Lord Beloved Supreme.


21 August 2004 New York



Today’s marathon is a unique

God-invocation, God-revelation

And God-manifestation-journey

In the physical body-world.


25 August 2004 New York



Smiling and smiling,

Whispering and whispering,

Singing and singing,

Dancing and dancing,

Our birthdays descend

From the highest Height

Of Delight-flooded Heaven

And stand before us here on earth

To tell us that God wants us to be

His most powerful soldiers

And His choicest children.


28 August 2004

New York



Smiling and smiling,

Singing and singing,

God says to each and every

Genuine seeker,

“My child,

Nothing can ever equal

Your heart’s climbing cries

And your life’s blossoming tears.”


4 September 2004 New York



No minute detail

Can escape God’s Attention.

Alas, how can my constant


Be an exception?


11 September 2004

New York



Give me no freedom,

Give me no freedom,

My Lord Supreme.

If You really love me,

Then give me no freedom

Even for a fleeting moment.


18 September 2004 New York



Love God, serve God,

Sail your life-boat, sail!

If not, my mind,

You fool, wait and fail.


25 September 2004 New York



My soul is sailing

In God’s Pride-Boat.

My heart is sailing

In God’s Compassion-Boat.

My life is sailing

In God’s Forgiveness-Boat.

I am sailing

In God’s Dream-Boat.


9 October 2004 New York



I place my earthly thoughts

At God’s Feet.

I place my Heavenly will

Inside God’s Heart.

I place myself

In front of God’s Eye.


16 October 2004 New York



Today I shall break open

My life’s ignorance-prison-cell

And ring and ring, sleeplessly ring,

My Lord’s Summit-Victory-Bell.


30 October 2004 New York



When the morning begins,

I sing my Lord’s Victory-Song

Inside my heart.

When the evening sets in,

I strike my Lord’s Victory-Gong

Here, there and all-where

Around the world.


6 November 2004

New York



My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,

Why do I refuse Your unconditional

Love, Affection, Sweetness and Fondness,


My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,

Why do I not sleeplessly and breathlessly

Cry for You,


My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,

Why do I not cheerfully give You

What I have and what I am,


“Because, because, because, My child,

You have made yourself

The absolute lord of your life.”


13 November 2004

New York



I tried to become great.

God laughed at me.

I tried to become good.

God laughed at me.

I tried to become perfect.

God laughed at me.

Finally I said to God,

“My Lord, I shall become

What You want me to become.”

My Lord smiled at me and said,

“My child, now you are truly Mine,

And I am all yours.”


20 November 2004 New York



The outer run

And the inner run

Are two complementary souls.

They help each other



13 December 2004

Xiamen, China



My Lord says to me,

“My child,

Be not a beggar

Of what I have.

Be a chooser

Of who I am.”


23 December 2004 Qingdao, China



Every morning

God wants my aspiration-heart

And my dedication-life

To run together,

Side by side,

Towards the self-same Goal.


26 December 2004 Qingdao, China



My Lord,

How I wish I could tell You

How much I love You!

“My child,

How I wish I could tell you

How much I need you!”


30 December 2004 Qingdao, China



My God-running legs

Have made my life

Very precious.

My God-running heart

Has made me

Very gracious.


2 January 2005 Qingdao, China



My Supreme has chosen

My heart’s streaming tears

To be His Eternity’s playmate.


9 January 2005

Qingdao, China



My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme,

I love You

Not because You love me infinitely more.

I love You

Because Your Feet are my only Treasures,

Your Eye is my only Delight

And Your Heart is my only All,

Only All, only All.

My Supreme, my Supreme, my Supreme!


19 February 2005

New York



My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,

I am happy, I am happier, I am happiest

Only when I feel that

I am Your bond-slave.


26 February 2005 New York



I think of You, God.

God says to me, “No good, no good.”

I pray to You, God.

God says to me, “No good, no good.”

I meditate on You, God.

God says to me, “No good, no good.”

I love You, God.

God says to me, “No good, no good.”

I serve You, God.

God says to me, “No good, no good.”

I surrender to You, God.

God says to me, “No good, no good.”

I am all gratitude to You, God.

God says to me, “No good, no good.”

I claim You, God, as my own, very own.

God, You claim me as Your own, very own.

God says to me, “Good, good, very good,

My child, My child!”


5 March 2005 New York



My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,

Never, never take a leave of absence.

My heart and I shall die, die, die



12 March 2005 New York



Sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow,

Every day my heart-field

You harrow.

But before my earth-life is done,

I shall devour God’s Nectar-Sun.


19 March 2005

New York



Hope, hope, my hope,

Do not desert me!

Continue to nurture

My life-tree.


26 March 2005 New York



Life and death,

Life and death,

Life and death.

Death and life,

Death and life,

Death and life.

Life conquers death

To sing and play and dance

With the ever-blossoming Beyond.

Death conquers life

Not to torture, but to treasure

The beauty of life’s heart

And the fragrance of life’s soul.


2 April 2005

New York



When God says yes,

My heart says yes.

When God says no,

My heart says no.

Only then my God-oneness-life

Blooms and blossoms,

And God claims me

As His own, own, own —

Very own.


9 April 2005

New York



My outer journey cries and smiles.

My inner journey blooms and blossoms.

And I am the hope-promise-journey

Of Eternity.


16 April 2005 New York



Every day I feed

My Inner Pilot

With my complete and constant

Surrender to His Will.


23 April 2005 New York



Before I start my running,

My Lord looks into my eyes

And smiles and smiles.

After I end my running,

I look at my Lord’s Feet

And smile and smile.


30 April 2005 New York



God the Flute-Heart

I love.

God the Thunder-Eye

I need.


30 April 2005 New York



I race, I race, I race, I race

To be my Supreme’s boundless Grace.

I race, I race, I race, I race

To see my Supreme’s golden Face.


6 May 2005 New York



God does not want anyone

To fall and roam.

He wants all His children

To live in His Heart-Home.


11 June 2005 New York



Do not give up hope,

Do not give up hope!

Hope will give you

A Heaven-climbing rope.


18 June 2005 New York



My life is full of God-Blessings.

My heart is full of God-Songs.

My mind is full of God-Stories.

My vital is full of God-Flames.

My body is full of God-Dreams.

My thoughts are made of God’s Will.

I am in thrill,

I am in thrill,

I am in thrill!


9 July 2005

New York



My Lord,

Your Sun-Fire-Eye

Frightens me,

Your Moon-Sweetness-Heart

Enlightens me

And Your Thunder-Kick-Feet

Liberate me

From the ignorance-world-night.


16 July 2005 New York



Peace I need to see the Face

Of my Absolute Lord Supreme.

Bliss I need to sail and fly with Him

And breathe and be His Dream.


23 July 2005 New York



Every morning

My devotion-heart offers

Streaming gratitude-tears

To my Lord Supreme

And devours the golden dust

Of His golden Feet.


30 July 2005 New York



My heart runs

The world’s longest race,

And not my mind.

My Lord runs ahead of me;

My breath runs behind.


6 August 2005

New York



Every morn and every eve

My heart and I sing

A new Golden Shore-song.

With twinkling eyes

And dancing heads,

The cosmic gods

And goddesses throng.


13 August 2005

New York



Let me be good.

Let me be self-giving and pure.

My Supreme Lord’s express Arrival

Shall then be sure.


20 August 2005 New York


My Lord Supreme, I am praying to You

To bless all the marathon runners

With Your sweet and fond Marathon-Love.

My Lord, they desperately need

Your Compassion.

My Lord, I am also praying to You

To bless our self-giving organisers.

Self-giving is the right word, my Lord.

They always serve You lovingly

And self-givingly,

And at times sleeplessly.

My Lord, I am also praying to You

To bless profusely the helpers

And also the well-wishers

Of this marathon.

May all the runners run

Smilingly and happily

While covering the entire distance.

25 August 2005

New York



O my rainbow-heart-sky,

In you I see

The beauty of the Unknowable,

In you I feel

The silence of the Unknowable.


28 August 2005

New York



The outer run has a destination.

The inner run knows no destination.

The inner run is a run of the Beyond,

For the ever-transcending Beyond.

The outer run asks me who I was.

My answer: I was a God-dreamer.

The inner run asks me who I am.

My answer: I am a God-lover.

Finally, God asks me who I would like to be.

My answer: My Lord, I would like to be

Your Eternity’s server-slave.

My Lord says, “No, not correct!

I would like you to be the co-pilot

Of My Eternity’s Golden Boat-Journey.”


3 September 2005 New York



My Lord, please forgive me.

Today I do not have any special prayer

To place at Your Feet.

“My child, tomorrow you must pray to Me

More than usual.”

My Lord, today I am unable to think of You.

“My child, tomorrow you must think of Me

Much more than usual.”

My Lord, today I am unable to love You.

“My child,

Tomorrow you must and must and must

Love Me infinitely more

Than you usually do.

My child, today I am forgiving you,

But you must not be negligent

In your prayers.

You must not be negligent

In thinking of Me.

You must not be negligent

In loving Me.

If you want to claim Me to be yours

And if I want to claim you to be Mine,

Then you must never, never, never

Forget your morning spiritual



24 September 2005 New York



No more my life will walk along

A God-empty road.

I am now blossoming

With a lifelong


I am now blossoming

With a lifelong


And I am now blossoming

With a lifelong



1 October 2005

New York



Not true:

God thinks of me only one time

During my entire life.

God thinks of me

All the time.

Not true:

God loves me only one time.

God loves me

All the time.

Not true:

God needs me only one time.

God needs me

All the time.

Not true:

God highly appreciates me

Only one time.

God highly appreciates me

All the time.

Not true:

God wants me to be another God

Only for a fleeting day.

God wants me to be another God

For Eternity.


22 October 2005

New York



My God-gratitude-heart

Blooms and blossoms

In my soul-beauty’s



29 October 2005 New York



My Lord,

You have given me Your own Eye

To see the world.

You have given me Your own Ears

To hear the world.

You have given me Your own Heart

To love the world.

You have given me all that You have

And all that You are

To give to the world.

My Lord,

Do give me one more thing.

Please, please give me Your own Feet

To worship You

Sleeplessly and breathlessly,

My Lord, my Lord.


5 November 2005 New York



Every morning God comes down

From His highest Heaven

To bless my climbing


With His Infinity’s



12 November 2005 New York



Every day a new morning angel

Wakes me up to celebrate

God’s Birthday

By clasping God’s Eye,

Embracing God’s Heart

And worshipping God’s Feet.


19 November 2005 New York



When I think of God,

God says to me,

“I am not fully satisfied with you.”

When I pray to God,

God says to me,

“I am not fully satisfied with you.”

When I meditate on God,

God says to me,

“I am not fully satisfied with you.”

When I say to God,

“My Lord, I love You only

And I need You only,”

God says to me,

“My child, come to Me

And be with Me

All the time, all the time.”


30 November 2005 Pangkor Island, Malaysia



My Supreme,

Out of Your infinite Compassion

You have bound Yourself

Tight, very tight, in the finite

So that we can love You,

Catch You, embrace You

And become Your choice instruments

Here on earth,

My Supreme!


3 December 2005

Pangkor Island, Malaysia



God loves me most dearly.

Therefore, He examines me,

He judges me

Constantly and severely.


7 December 2005 Pangkor Island, Malaysia



My Lord,

Be pleased to pour more and more

Your Wisdom-Light

Into the mind of the seekers —

To smile at the morning beauty’s sun

And continue smiling during the day

To please You in a very special way.


9 December 2005

Pangkor Island, Malaysia



The morning hope-beauty blesses

The morning runners.

The evening peace-fragrance blesses

The evening runners.

The outer morning runners

And the outer evening runners

Are helping considerably

Their inner runners’ aspiration,

Dedication and manifestation.


14 December 2005

Kuantan, Malaysia



My Lord,

This morning You are asking me

To join Nature

In her prayer to You:

“My Lord,

You have given me

Beauty infinite,

But You have not given me

My duty.”

“My child,

Your duty

Is to climb up incessantly

To clasp My Feet

And devour the golden dust

Of My Feet.”


17 December 2005

Kuantan, Malaysia



My Lord, my Lord!

In Your Compassion-flooded Eye

I have discovered my All.


21 December 2005

Kuantan, Malaysia



My Lord,

You want me to run every day.

Do You ever run?

“My child,

I run not only every day,

But also at every moment.

Do you know why?

I run constantly

From one end of My creation

To the other end.

If I do not run ceaselessly,

My creation will become inactive,

Inert and uselessly idle.

At every moment I run

To awaken and energise

My entire creation.”


24 December 2005 Kuantan, Malaysia



My Supreme,

I wish to see You

Either in my heart’s happiness

Or in my life’s soulfulness.

This is my most sincere prayer

To You, my Supreme!


28 December 2005 Kuantan, Malaysia



No more self-indulgence,

No more self-indulgence!

I shall run outwardly

To see Nature’s God.

I shall run inwardly

To see Heaven’s highest Height.

No more self-indulgence,

No more self-indulgence!


31 December 2005 Kuantan, Malaysia



Every kneeling prayer

Receives God’s



2 January 2006

Kuantan, Malaysia



I have given God what I have:

The tears of my heart.

God has given me what He has:

The Smiles of His Eye.

But alas,

One thing we have not been able

To give to each other:

Satisfaction, mutual satisfaction.


5 January 2006 Kijal, Malaysia



Today’s runners:

Brave you are,

Daring you are,

Weather-defying you are,

God-loving you are,

God-fulfilling you are.

Spirituality braves all obstacles

And then it receives

The Victory-Garland from God.


7 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia



Early in the morning

When we offer

Our pure love to God,

We do the good thing.

And when we offer

Our pure devotion to God,

We do the better thing.

Finally, when we offer

Our pure surrender to God,

We do absolutely by far

The best thing.


11 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia



The early morning running

Is the God-pleasing

And God-fulfilling dedication

Of the body, vital, mind and heart.


14 January 2006 Kijal, Malaysia



Human life is a series

Of inner and outer battles.

Running, jumping, throwing,

Sports and physical fitness

Help us win the outer battles.

Prayers, meditations

And our surrender to God’s Will

Help us win the inner battles.


18 January 2006 Kijal, Malaysia



I admire God the Dreamer.

I adore God the Smiler.

I love God the Runner.


21 January 2006

Kijal, Malaysia



Each time we prayerfully, soulfully

And self-givingly run,

We make a most serious commitment

To our God-manifestation-task.


1 February 2006 Penang, Malaysia



The celestial beauty and fragrance

Of the early morning

Adorn the hearts

Of all God-loving and God-serving



5 February 2006

Penang, Malaysia



My outer success gives my Lord

Immense joy.

My inner progress gives my Lord

Immeasurable joy.


8 February 2006 Penang, Malaysia



Every morning

God the Hope blesses my life,

God the Promise blesses my heart,

God the Will-Power blesses me. ```



Earth knows only one name:


Heaven knows only one name:


My soul knows only one name:


My heart knows only one Name:


My mind knows only one Name:


My life knows only one Name:

Pilot, my Inner Pilot.

And I know only one Name:

Supreme, my Absolute Supreme.


18 February 2006 Langkawi, Malaysia



My Lord,

Do give my heart the strength

To love You most intensely.

My Lord,

Do give my life the strength

To need You most sincerely.

My Lord,

Do give my legs the strength

To run most speedily.

My Lord,

Do give me the strength

To manifest You here on earth

Most unconditionally.


23 February 2006

Langkawi, Malaysia



With the smiles of my soul

And the tears of my heart,

I have made a most beautiful

And fragrant garland,

And I am now placing it

At the Feet of my Lord Supreme.


4 March 2006 New York



God says to my prayers,

“My children,

I love your sincerity and purity.”

God says to my meditations,

“My children,

I love your tranquillity and immensity.”

God says to me,

“My child,

I love your outer regularity

And your inner punctuality.”


11 March 2006 New York




Because of our teeming self-doubts,

The intense and immense joy

Of our morning hearts

Cannot come to the fore

And bloom and blossom.


18 March 2006 New York



Morning is the best time

To enter into my rose-garden-heart

To enjoy deeply

Its exquisite beauty and fragrance.


25 March 2006 New York



To talk about God

Is infinitely easier

Than to think of God.

To think of God

Is infinitely easier

Than to pray to God.

To pray to God

Is infinitely easier

Than to become one

With God’s Will.


1 April 2006 New York



My sleepless love for God

Is the beauty

Of my ascending heart

And the fragrance

Of my descending soul.


9 April 2006

New York



God’s ever-blossoming

Infinite Beauties

My soul can see.

But God’s ever-multiplying

Infinite Duties

Remain unknowable.


15 April 2006 New York



The tears of my heart

And the Smiles of my Lord

Play together and sing together



22 April 2006 New York


Editor's note

These prayers were mostly offered by Sri Chinmoy at the conclusion of the weekly Saturday morning “Runners are smilers two-mile races” held in New York. In 2002 Sri Chinmoy renamed them “Self-Transcendence Races.” During Christmas trips to other countries, additional races are held on other days of the week over shorter or longer distances. Sri Chinmoy frequently participated in these races.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My Race-Prayers, part 2, Agni Press, 2006
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