My Race-Prayers, part 3



O my blue-gold heart-bird,

I love you,

I need you,

I treasure you.

You are my joy,

You are my pride,

You are my All.


29 April 2006

New York



I love my Lord’s


My Lord loves my



6 May 2006 New York



Long before God comes to us,

He sends His angels to us.

Before His angels come to us,

God sends us divine thoughts

And divine feelings.

Before the divine thoughts

And divine feelings,

He gives us purity-hearts.

With purity we all must begin

Our spiritual journey.


13 May 2006 New York



My Lord says to me,

“My child,

Take your outer pain

As your inner gain.

Take your outer failures

As your inner triumphs.

Take your outer life

As an experience.

Take your inner life

As your path-finder.”


20 May 2006 New York



Heaven’s Silence-Music

Is only for the hearts

Of God’s Victory-singers.


27 May 2006

New York



In my aspiration-life,

My Master-obedience

Is my heart’s

God-blossoming dawn.


3 June 2006 New York



Only one attachment:

God’s Will.

No other attachments,

Old or new!


10 June 2006 New York



My Lord,

I run and run and run and run

To make You happy.

“My child,

You are the smile of My Eye,

You are the beauty of My Heart

And you are the pride of My Life.”


11 June 2006

New York



Krishna, my Lord,

Your morning flute

Feeds my heart.

Your twilight cows

Feed my eyes.


17 June 2006

New York



The outer rain

Proudly comes down

From the expansion-sky.

The inner Rain

Blessingfully descends

From God’s Compassion-Eye.


24 June 2006 New York



I have three indispensable Saviours:

My Lord’s lavishing Hand,

My Lord’s cherishing Heart,

My Lord’s protecting Eye.


22 July 2006 New York



I am the world’s longest distance

Daring and shattering runner —

My Supreme Lord’s Sun-Power-Smile

And His Moon-Bliss-Love-winner.


22 July 2006 New York



My tears and smiles

Sleeplessly feed

God’s birthless and deathless



5 August 2006/ New York



I am happy, only happy,

When I place

My naughty mind

And my haughty head

At God’s Feet.


19 August 2006

New York



To all the marathon runners

I am blessingfully offering

My heart’s boundless joy,

Boundless gratitude

And boundless pride, pride, pride.


25 August 2006

New York



Everything is possible.

In a twinkling

I can clasp God’s Eye.

In a twinkling

I can touch God’s Feet.

In a twinkling

I can breathe God’s Heart.


9 September 2006

New York



The life that has no goal

Is an utter failure-life.

The life that has a goal

Wins the Smile of God.


23 September 2006 New York



We love our desire-life

Infinitely more than we love God.

God loves only us,

And never, never, never, never

Our desire-life.


30 September 2006

New York



I speak to God’s

Golden Feet.

God speaks to my

Broken heart.


7 October 2006 New York



True, true, true,

True, true, true —

A pure thought

Can remain unchallenged

In my aspiration-heart.


14 October 2006

New York



I pray to God’s Eye

For love.

I pray to God’s Heart

For devotion.

I pray to God’s Feet

For surrender.


4 November 2006 New York



First you must bask

In the sunshine

Of your Master’s grace

Before you can see

God’s Face.


11 November 2006

New York



I pray to God

To see His golden Feet.

I meditate on God

To be His choice instrument.


18 November 2006 New York



While running,

I feel God’s Love,

God’s Joy and God’s Pride

Inside my heart

At every moment.


2 December 2006

Belek, Turkey



The outer sun

Sadly tells me

How far I am from God.

The inner sun

Secretly tells me

How close I am to God.


7 December 2006 Antalya, Turkey



A self-giving thought

Is a God-fulfilling



10 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey



The outer running

Is the God-awareness-joy.

The inner running

Is the God-closeness-ecstasy.


13 December 2006 Antalya, Turkey



My Lord, my Lord!

In Heaven I adore

Your dreaming Eye.

My Lord, my Lord!

On earth I worship

Your protecting Feet.


16 December 2006 Antalya, Turkey



Down I bring my Lord

To earth

To cry with me

And weep with my heart.

Up my Lord carries me

To Heaven

To dream with Him

For a new creation.


20 December 2006 Antalya, Turkey



My life is a humble


My heart is an eager



23 December 2006 Antalya, Turkey



In secrecy supreme

My Beloved Lord tells me

That I have done extremely well

In all my love-devotion-surrender



26 December 2006

Antalya, Turkey



My eyes can fool me,

My ears can fool me,

But not my heart

That loves God only.


30 December 2006 Varna, Bulgaria



Every morning and every evening

My soul, my heart and I

Salute and salute and salute

Our Lord’s Victory-Banner.


3 January 2007 Varna, Bulgaria



Not God’s Kindness,

Not God’s Strictness,

But God’s Heart-Tears

Have changed my life completely.


6 January 2007 Varna, Bulgaria



My Lord,

Do tell me the secret of secrets:

How I can please You all the time

In Your own Way.

“My child,

Sing, sing and sing

Only surrender-songs.”


10 January 2007

Varna, Bulgaria



Running early in the morning

With God-devotion-heart-joy

Is absolutely the best way

To start the day.


13 January 2007 Varna, Bulgaria



My Lord Supreme,

May I bask every morning

In the Sunshine

Of Your Heaven-born Smiles.


17 January 2007 Varna, Bulgaria



My Lord, my Lord, my Lord,

You live inside my painful body.

You also live inside my blissful heart.

Which place do You prefer?

“My child,

I have no preference.

I love your body and your heart equally.

I suffer and suffer

With your painful body.

I enjoy and enjoy

Your blissful heart.”


27 January 2007

Cha-Am, Thailand



My Lord,

When I pray, it is all wrong.

When I meditate, it is all wrong.

When I serve, it is all wrong.

My Lord, what can I do?

“My child,

Before you pray,

Ask Me to pray in and through you.

Before you meditate,

Ask Me to meditate in and through you.

Before you serve,

Ask Me to serve in and through you.

Give Me the full responsibility.

You just be the witness.

Watch Me, what I do and how I do it.”


31 January 2007

Cha-Am, Thailand



God’s Face I love.

God’s Eye I love more.

God’s Heart I love much more.

God’s Feet I love infinitely more.


3 February 2007 Cha-Am, Thailand



True, my eyes are empty

Of God’s Face,

But my heart is all

God’s blossomed Face.


9 February 2007 Chiang Mai, Thailand



Each running step

Beautifully blossoms

As a divine opportunity

To please God in His own Way

Along His Eternity’s Road.


13 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand



My constant upward flight

Solely depends on

My heart’s receptivity-depth.


16 February 2007

Chiang Mai, Thailand



In my inner life,

I am a Heaven-climbing cry.

In my outer life,

I am a man-serving tree.


20 February 2007 Chiang Mai, Thailand



My failure-life

Is painful.

My success-life

Is delightful.

My progress-life

Is powerful.


23 February 2007 Chiang Mai, Thailand



I chose God-obedience

To become

God’s Heart-Rose.


3 March 2007

New York



Fast, faster, fastest

Go alone.

Every day God will speak to you

Over the phone.


10 March 2007 New York



Each God-given responsibility-task

Is a golden opportunity

To please God in His own Way.


10 March 2007

New York



My sleepless surrender

To God’s Will

Entirely depends on

My unconditional love of God.


31 March 2007 New York



May my heart

Be the beauty

Of a morning rose-garden.


7 April 2007

New York



In the morning

I swim in the river

Of God-aspiration.

In the evening

I swim in the sea

Of God-surrender.


10 April 2007 New York



Every morning and every evening

I feed my Lord Supreme

With my soul’s beauty,

My heart’s sincerity

And my life’s simplicity.


14 April 2007

New York



I love the blossoming Beauty

Of the morning God.

I love the deepening Peace

Of the evening God.

I love, I love, I love.


21 April 2007

New York



This morning my Lord Supreme

Has blessingfully shared with me

His most secret

And most sacred Dream —

The time when this world of ours

Shall be inundated with my Lord’s

Peace-Beauty and Peace-Fragrance.


28 April 2007

New York



My Lord,

Please, please, please

Bless me with a supreme Secret.

“My child,

I do not want you to be great.

I do not want you to be good.

I want you to be Mine, only Mine.

This is My supreme Secret.”


5 May 2007 New York



I sail

My golden dream-reality-boat


My God-obedience-life-shore


My God-gratitude-heart-shore.


12 May 2007 New York



Every morning is the birth

Of a new hope.

Every day is the birth

Of a new promise.

Every evening is the birth

Of a new peace.

Every night is the birth

Of a new dream.


26 May 2007 New York



Morning is the sacred time

To offer the world

My God-happiness-soul.

Morning is the secret time

To feed

My God-longing heart.


2 June 2007 New York



My sincere humility-life

Is God’s

Precious utility-joy.


9 June 2007

New York



I sing for God soulfully.

God sings for me blessingfully.

We’ll go on, go on

Through Eternity.


23 June 2007 New York



When the tears of my heart

Go to my Lord crawling,

My Lord immediately embraces them

With infinite Affection, Love,

Sweetness and Fondness,

And then teaches them

How to sprint

Faster than the fastest,

How to fly

Higher than the highest

And how to dive

Deeper than the deepest.


7 July 2007 New York



Do not surrender to your fate.

Do not accept your fate.

Love God more and more,


God has two big Ears.

He will transform

Your earth-bound fate

Into the Heaven-free Bliss.


14 July 2007 New York



God’s Eye is my body’s


God’s Heart is my life’s



21 July 2007 New York



No lasting defeat,

No lasting failure!

At God’s Hour —

Victory, victory!

Now just endure.


28 July 2007

New York



My Lord does not believe

In my very clever mind-flattery.

He believes only

In my life’s world-service-tree.


4 August 2007 New York



Every morning

And every evening

My soul most devotedly records

The Nectar-flooded Discourses

Of my Lord Beloved Supreme.


11 August 2007

New York



I must make my heart

A pure God-surrender-song

So that I can strike

God’s largest Victory-Gong.


19 August 2007 New York



Marathon is

An unimaginable joy-experience

Of the heart.

Marathon is

An unbearable suffering-experience

Of the body, the vital and the mind.


24 August 2007

Rockland Lake State Park, New York

Short talk offered before the marathon:

I have invoked special Blessings of my Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme for all the marathon runners. Each marathon is an unimaginable joy for the runner’s heart. Again, each marathon is an unspeakable torture for the body, the vital and the mind. Our philosophy is to transcend — transcend the physical pain and transcend our previous achievements. My blessings, my love and my gratitude I am offering to each and every runner.

And my special request to you all is this: when you find you are tired, extremely, extremely tired, exhausted, then do not continue, do not continue.

All my love. Start!



May I be a morning

Ascending wave of bliss.

May I be an evening

Descending wave of peace.


26 August 2007 New York



Every day I ply my life-boat


My dreaming soul-shore


My crying heart-shore.


1 September 2007

New York



My Lord Supreme,

No more will You suffer

For my sake.

My life has stopped swimming

In ignorance-lake.


8 September 2007

New York



Life is a constant battle

Between the human in us

And the divine in us —

And the divine in us

Will ultimately wear

Victory’s garland.


15 September 2007 New York



The fever of the body

Comes and goes.

May my God-love-heart-fever

Remain forever and forever.

The fever of the body

Is torture unbearable.

My God-love-heart-fever

Is rapture unimaginable.


29 September 2007 New York


Editor's note

These prayers were mostly offered by Sri Chinmoy at the conclusion of the weekly Saturday morning “Runners are smilers two-mile races” held in New York. In 2002 Sri Chinmoy renamed them “Self-Transcendence Races.” During Christmas trips to other countries, additional races are held on other days of the week over shorter or longer distances. Sri Chinmoy frequently participated in these races.

From:Sri Chinmoy,My Race-Prayers, part 3, Agni Press, 2008
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