Question: I find everything about your path nice, but I do not understand why something from another culture has to come in.

Sri Chinmoy: For me, there is no such thing as Germany, India, America or Africa. For me, there is only one country, and that is God’s entire creation. God’s creation is nothing other than God Himself, for God the Creator and God the creation are one.

Suppose that God has four sons and they are all living in different places. One is in Germany, one is in Japan, one is in Italy, and one is in India. Just because they live in different countries, they will keep different things in their houses, they will follow different cultures and have different ideas. But, since they are all brothers and sisters, they will share what they have with one another. One brother will go to another brother and say, “This is what I have for you.” Then the second one in turn will give the first brother what he has. It is only an exchange. It is not a question of bringing in a new culture. There is only a feeling of oneness that all the brothers share.

I am an instrument of God, a servant of God, a child of God. Today God is telling me to go to a particular place and be of help to one brother. Tomorrow He may say, “Now go to some other country and help another brother of yours. You have many brothers and sisters, and I want you to go and help them all.” All these countries are the Father’s creation. It is all oneness.

For me, there is no such thing as an Indian God or a Christian God. For me, there is only the Absolute Supreme. When I pray to God, at that time I do not say, “O my Indian God.” When you pray to God, you do not say, “O my Christian God.” We both say, “O my Heavenly Father.” At that time, Heaven is not divided into pieces. We do not say, “This is India, this is Germany, and this is France.”

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 33, Agni Press, 2002
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