Part III

May these flames illumine you and immortalise you in the Heart of our Beloved Supreme1

I shall remember this day, not only as long as I live on earth, but also when I am on the other shore of the life-river. To all those who have over one hundred books, I offer my unprecedented love. To those who have over two hundred books, I offer my unprecedented pride. And to those who have three hundred books, I offer my unprecedented love, unprecedented pride and unprecedented gratitude.

Each book has countless words and each one of you has shown over one hundred books. That means Infinity multiplied by Infinity. This Infinity multiplied by Infinity is nothing other than your aspiration-flowers that you are offering to the Supreme. And for that, the seeker in me is all gratitude to you.

I can count very few days on earth that I have been really happy. But today my name is happiness — happiness that my dear children have proved their loving concern, their loving oneness with my creation, my creativity, which I want them most sincerely to claim as their very own. Each book is a most powerful aspiration-flame. May these flames illumine you and immortalise you in the Heart of our Beloved Supreme.

When we complete four hundred books, we shall have once more a celebration and show our oneness with the sum total. This is not a childish game, but it is something that can be treasured and cherished by the Divine in us, the Real in us. Everything else is meaningless and useless.

My dear children, you have truly pleased me in my own way. Forgive me for saying in my own way. What I wished to say, what I wanted to say, is that you have pleased the Supreme in me, the Real in me, in His own Way, and for that my heart of infinite gratitude to each of you I offer. Please feel that each book is my loving life-breath and this loving life-breath is all yours, for your aspiration, for your realisation, for your revelation, for your manifestation of what you are. You are the unmanifested God.

  1. SCA 1207. Sri Chinmoy made these remarks on 20 February 1977 at the end of a celebration to mark his completion of 300 books. All the disciples brought their sets of books to the function and displayed them.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 36, Agni Press, 2004
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