This is the supreme secret: the more you think of your soul, the faster you can make progress7

In silence you will say only two words while you are meditating: ‘Supreme’ and Jharna-Kala. Please feel that you are bringing down the highest Blessings from our Lord Beloved Supreme into the soul, into the heart and into the life of Jharna-Kala.

We have completed 70,000 birds. I have given them the name: My Heart’s Seventy Thousand Soul-Bird-Flights. While looking at the birds, please feel that you yourself are a bird; you are your soul-bird flying in the Sky of infinite Freedom, infinite Light, infinite Peace and infinite Bliss. The soul is the only reality. Everything else is false.

When I complete 100,000 birds, by your grace, we shall give a banquet. We shall celebrate the birthdays of 100,000 birds.

Every bird gives me tremendous joy. In a few seconds I draw it, and immediately I get joy, for a new creation has come to serve God, who is our Lord Supreme. When you look at them, think that these birds have come down all the way from Heaven to be of service to our Lord Supreme. This will help you to imagine your own soul, which is Immortality’s representative on earth, and to feel that your own soul has also come from Heaven to serve your Beloved Supreme.

The more you think of your soul, the more progress you will be able to make here on earth. This is the supreme secret: the more you think of your soul, the faster you can make progress. And these birds embody the soul-consciousness in full measure.

SCA 1278. Sri Chinmoy made these remarks on 18 July 1993, at Aspiration-Ground during a celebration to mark his completion of 70,000 bird-drawings.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 38, Agni Press, 2005
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