Russell Wilson: I am honoured, Sir. I can feel you so strongly that it is hard to talk. But it is a very pleasant and beautiful feeling. I am seeking inner peace, and I felt a very strong connection with you. If you would be accepting of me, I would like to learn from you.

Sri Chinmoy: Everything is mutual. We cannot clap with one hand; we need two hands. Here also we are seeing the mutual acceptance of our two hearts. This acceptance can be made permanently illumining and fulfilling if you can remain beyond the domain of the earthbound mind. The heart establishes its oneness on the strength of its inner purity, beauty and divinity. But because the human mind has not yet been illumined by the light from Above or within, it tends to doubt the purity, beauty and divinity that we see and feel within our heart. Everything that is divine within us our own mind doubts.

Suppose one day early in the morning you have a very deep, sublime meditation. Immediately your mind may start to doubt it. “How could I have such a good meditation? It cannot be true. Yesterday I was in the vortex of politics, facing so many serious problems. So how is it possible today for me to be swimming in the sea of peace?” But the heart will say, “No! No matter how involved I am in the problems of the outer world, inside me there is something eternal and immortal, which remains unaffected.” The heart always brings us the encouraging, inspiring and illumining message of the Beyond. The heart always reminds us of what we truly are in the inner world, whereas the human mind is all the time judging and criticising its own very limited capacity.

My request to you is that when you pray and meditate, keep the door to your mind completely shut and try to bring to the fore the light that you have inside your heart. Your heart-room is always filled with abundant light, so you should try to remain there as much as possible. Then, when God’s Hour strikes, you will bring the light from your heart-room into your mind-room, which still needs illumination. The electrician has brought light into your heart-room. He has put wires there and connected them. Now the same electrician will go into the other room, your mind-room, and also bring light there. In this case, the electrician is your own soul. Once your mind-room is also lit, at that time your heart and your mind can work together.

While you are engaged in your multifarious daily activities, you have to use the mind. But while using the mind, please try to see how much sincerity is there, how much simplicity is there, how much purity is there. Each time you feel in your mind the presence of these and other divine qualities, your mind becomes more illumined. Eventually you will be able to bring the divinity of your heart into your mind, so that your mind will also be divinely illumined.

When you are not engaged in your daily activities, when you are praying and meditating, please try all the time to remain in your heart-room. The more you can remain in your heart-room, the more you will increase your inner beauty, your inner purity and your inner divinity. It is only by giving all importance to your heart in your spiritual life that you can be inwardly happy. If right now you cannot give one hundred per cent importance to your heart, then try to give it at least eighty or ninety per cent importance. Then, when the time comes, you will take the inner wealth that you have in your heart-room and place it inside your own mind-room.

If you take the inner wealth that you have inside your heart and bring it into your mind, your heart will not suffer. Far from it! In the outer life if you take something from one room and bring it to another room, then that thing is gone from its original place. But the wealth that you have inside the heart is boundless. The joy, the peace, the light, the love, the devotion to God and all the other divine qualities that you have inside your heart are limitless. If you take your heart’s love and bring it into your mind, that love will only increase inside your heart. At every moment your heart-vessel is being replenished. The more the heart gives, the more the heart’s receptivity increases, and the more of God’s Divinity it is able to receive and hold.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 4, Agni Press, 1995
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