Russell Wilson: I know from the video, Guruji, that you were very close to U Thant.

Sri Chinmoy: As soon as U Thant saw me, he saw something in me and I saw something in him. His very first utterance to me was: “People have been telling me such nice things about you, and I see that it is absolutely true.” Then we developed a genuine friendship. He was a Buddhist and I come from a Hindu family, but once we sincerely accept the spiritual life we go beyond the domain of religion. Religion is like a house. I live in my house and you live in your house. But we study together in the same school, and that school is our love of God. So he had transcended his religion and I had transcended my religion; our only religion was our love of God. He was my dear friend, an excellent friend. You also know of my love and admiration for my brother, Congressman Gary Ackerman.

Russell Wilson: He feels the same way.

Sri Chinmoy: For years and years I have been basking in the sunshine of his affection. He is such a good friend, such a brother. Each time I think of Gary Ackerman’s name, boundless love and boundless gratitude immediately fill my heart.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 4, Agni Press, 1995
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