Mrs. Kovanda: I would like to ask you how I should meditate, concerning the baby.

Sri Chinmoy: At this stage, when he is only a little baby, it is better for you to pray. This will be more effective and more fruitful than if you meditate. When he is six or seven years old, at that time you can start to concentrate and meditate on him. But now I think it is advisable for you just to pray for anything that you want him to have. You are observing daily how many good qualities he has. So you can pray to God to increase those good qualities. On the strength of your prayers, the good qualities that you already see in him you can try to increase. Again, if you see certain qualities that he does not have but you feel he should have, you can pray to God to give these to him. You can ask God to add to the good qualities that he already has.

Along with your other prayers for your sweetest child, please pray for two more things: peace and bliss. Pray to God to inundate the child’s head with peace and to inundate his heart with love. Bliss may be difficult for the child to conceive, but love he can easily understand. He loves his mother and his father so much. As soon as he sees you or his father, he feels tremendous, boundless love. Bliss comes from love; if there is love, there is bliss.

While praying for your child, there is another thing you can do. Please try to imagine that he is breathing in and out. As soon as he starts to inhale, you can start your prayer; and when he releases his breath, you should finish your prayer. You have to pray very quickly. Sometimes when you are holding him in your lap or keeping him on your shoulder or very close to you, you will be able to feel or hear him breathe, and you can match your prayer to his breathing. But even if your imagination does not coincide exactly with the time that he is breathing in and breathing out, no harm. Your imagination has a reality of its own. In a few days you will be able to develop the capacity to synchronise your prayer with his breathing. This will be the most effective way for you to pray for whatever you want for him.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 4, Agni Press, 1995
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