Question: Why is it that you do not give so much importance to occult power the way that Gorakshanath and others have done?

Sri Chinmoy: You have heard so many stories about occult power. But I wish to say that occult power is just a wave, a huge wave you can say, whereas spiritual power is like the ocean. How can a wave, no matter how powerful, be stronger or more peaceful than the ocean itself? Gorakshanath showed his occult powers and performed many miracles. But quite often it was outwardly destructive. Again, he also had the capacity to use his occult powers in a positive way. He would destroy someone and then he would revive them. All kinds of things he did!

Eventually he realised that he had to stop using occult power in season and out of season, at his own sweet will, and give all his attention to realising God. So, after using occult power for many years, during the last thirty or forty years of his life, he entered into deep meditation in the Himalayan caves. At that time he became convinced that occult power is nothing more than a juggling act or a magic show. It is like fireworks — something that goes up and is then finished. So he stopped using occult power and cared only for meditation-power and spiritual power. Spiritual power is infinitely more powerful than occult power, and it is always constructive.

In Nepal you can visit some of the caves where Gorakshanath meditated. In these caves it is his meditation-power and not his occult power that you will feel. Through meditation he developed forgiveness and received tremendous peace. Then when people did not listen to him, instead of using occult power to destroy and revive those individuals, he simply forgave them. He just entered into his own meditation once more and became flooded with peace. It is only from meditation that one gets peace, not from occult power.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 6, Agni Press, 1995
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