Question: The Supreme doesn't get sick of it?

Sri Chinmoy: He does not get sick of anything. Since you joined the path, how many things you have done for manifestation! You are working twenty-four hours a day in Annam Brahma, plus you are giving me expressions so faithfully every day. I would have to come back into this world twenty more times to pay back my debt to you. But luckily, God has told me that I do not have to come back anymore, so that is my greatest consolation. In this incarnation, no matter how much I suffer, I can always be consoled by the thought that it is my last incarnation. It may be good or bad, but whatever it is, it is the last. Some spiritual Masters, during their last physical life on earth, withdraw very nicely; they do not enter into manifestation. It is too much for them. But that is not my way. In a football game a player knows that whether he is winning or losing, at a certain point the game is going to come to an end. Then he is not going to play again. His whole body is so badly injured: his knee is fractured, his ankle is fractured, his shoulder is dislocated. He says, “I do not want to play anymore.” But there may be a little greed in him, so he continues to play just a little bit longer. Every time I ran a marathon, I took an oath never, never to run another one. O God, how nicely I kept my promise!

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 1, Agni Press, 1995
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