Part III

SCA 376-377. On 25 May 1996, Sri Chinmoy answered a few questions from the television producer and writer Joel Martin.

Question: Do messages that people receive from their departed ones have any value for us here on earth? And can you share with the general public any such messages that you may have received?

Sri Chinmoy: Such messages do have value for us, especially when we are on earth. The departed souls have many things to teach us. Unfortunately, many, many times we do not listen to them, just as they did not listen to their friends and dear ones while they were on earth. Even when they give us messages from Heaven or from a high plane of consciousness, quite often we will not listen to them. My dear brother-friend Joel, on the outer plane I am not a millionaire and I shall never become one because God does not want me to. But on the inner plane, in terms of inner experiences, I am a multimillionaire; I have received millions of experiences from the departed souls. But I cannot share these experiences with the public. On the strength of my personal realisation of the highest Truth, I have a free access to the departed souls, no matter how great or how unimportant they were. But I do not misuse my capacity. I just abide by the dictates of my Inner Pilot. Only when He wants me to communicate their messages do I faithfully and devotedly obey Him.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 10, Agni Press, 1999
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