Question: I would like to thank you. Where do you get these answers from?

Sri Chinmoy: Your questions are very significant. These answers do not come from my mind; they are coming directly from my heart and soul. I get these answers because I pray and meditate. You have read many more books than I have read. I have not even completed high school, let alone gone to college or university. But I get these answers by virtue of my prayers and meditations. If we pray and meditate, we get the answers even while others are asking the questions. I do not have to consult any book to answer these questions because the questions have the answers in them.

Sri Chinmoy then asked whether the young patients in Dr. Vladimirskaya’s children’s hospital pray and meditate in the morning.

Sri Chinmoy: Since you are the head of the hospital, you know the absolute necessity of God’s Compassion and God’s Love for these children. In this incarnation they are suffering so much. You are giving them earthly medicine that will cure them and allow them to remain on earth for another fifty or sixty years. But if you can also give them Heavenly medicine — which is prayer, or the repetition of God’s Name — then they will have a better incarnation in their next life. Now with one hand you are giving them medicine. But if you can give them medicine with two hands, then you will help them infinitely more. God is also inside the earthly medicine that you are giving them, but they are not aware of Him there. If you can have them pray or repeat God’s Name in the morning, they will be more aware of God.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 11, Agni Press, 1999
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