Question: Are you concerned about the current world situation, such as the conflict in Kosovo?

Sri Chinmoy: In the inner world so many things are going wrong in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Albania and other places. Spiritual Masters have a big heart. When I watch television, I see innocent children, such beautiful, soulful and adorable children, who are refugees. The parents are taking them somewhere. Then they come to a border and they wait for six days. In some places, how badly they are treated, even by the police. They have left their houses, and then the police say they have to wait at a certain place. They have no food, nothing. One fellow was able to get ice cream. He was feeding his children with ice cream. They have nothing else, no food, no possessions.

Because I have a big heart, in the morning I watch a little news. Then I meditate, meditate, meditate. For what? To bring about change. If I cannot change my disciples’ minds, will I be able to change the minds of some government leaders? But we have to start with a drop, like the bird who wanted to empty the sea. The capacity of a bird we know. Still, it was sincerely trying to empty the sea. Here also, some good people are trying desperately to change the minds of the leaders who want to wage war.

Why are these conflicts taking place? It is all because of prestige, prestige, prestige. One side attacks another, and that side defends itself. Then a third party comes and says, “Stop, stop, stop!” The first side says, “No, they have to stop first.” The one who was the aggressor is saying that the other side has to stop first. Then the fighting just goes on and on. Thousands and thousands of innocent people are dying. Thousands of people are homeless. Outwardly I do not have the capacity to help them. But the capacity to sympathise God gave me.

We are living in a so-called civilised society, but so many conflicts are taking place. At the root is pride. All evil forces have one source, and that is pride. Pride says, “Everything must be done in my way, my way, my way.” But if I dive deep within for one second, I will see that your way also can be good. The best thing is to say, “Your way is good for your sake; my way is good for my sake. Let us not brag that our way is superior. If I brag, you do not pay any attention to me. If you brag, I will not pay any attention to you. You go your way and let me go my way.” But that does not happen. Each country says, “No, you have to conform to my way because my way is the only way.” Then the fighting begins. Each one wants power, power, power. When a country loses power, its leaders become insane. They want to prove to the world that their country has more power than it had before. This is the deplorable situation that I am seeing in the world today.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy answers, part 21, Agni Press, 2000
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