God’s Reality operates on two different planes. One Reality operates in the desire-world; the other Reality operates in the aspiration-world. The ordinary human mind operates in the desire-world and it is here that it wants to see God. The mind feels that satisfaction can be achieved only when it is satisfied the way it wants to be satisfied. The mind wants the Reality to please it the way the mind wants to be pleased. The mind wants the Reality, but for its own purpose. “I want this and if I get it, then only will I be pleased.” This is the truth of the mind.

In the aspiration world, the heart is of paramount importance. The heart wants the Reality, not to fulfil itself, but so it can become part and parcel of the Reality. It wants the Reality so it can enjoy the Light and Delight of the Reality. It wants the Reality because it gets joy from the way Light and Delight operate in and through the Reality. The heart wants the Reality to satisfy the Reality the way the Reality wants to be satisfied. The heart wants to get satisfaction on the strength of its oneness with the Reality.

The mind wants to derive satisfaction by maintaining a sense of separativity. The mind does not want to unite. The mind says, “You stay where You are, and let me stay where I am. Only come to me whenever I want You or need You. But that doesn’t mean I have to surrender to You all the time. Stay wherever You want, but I wish You to be at my beck and call.” The heart, however, says to the Reality, “I am at Your Feet; only allow me to be where You are. I want to stay at Your Feet. If You want to kick me out, I am ready to be kicked if that gives You satisfaction. If You want to place me inside Your Heart, place me there; and if You want to keep me elsewhere, do that. Only please Yourself, please Yourself in Your own Way.” So naturally the heart, on the strength of its oneness with the Reality, is pleasing the Reality. This is what a seeker of the absolute transcendental Truth must try to see, feel and grow into.

The mind does not accept the Reality’s existence but it wants to fulfil itself by taking help from the Reality for its own purpose. But the heart wants to fulfil itself only by pleasing the Reality in its own way. Again, today’s doubting mind may tomorrow become a searching mind and the day after tomorrow it will become a self-giving mind. It is not a hopeless case for the mind. But right now, at the present stage of our evolution, the mind is doubting and suspecting the Reality, while, at the same time, it wants to derive utmost satisfaction from the Reality. The mind suspects the Reality and, at the same time, the mind is always like a beggar waiting for the Reality to satisfy it. But the heart is all oneness with the Reality.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy speaks, part 5, Agni Press, 1976
Sourced from https://srichinmoylibrary.com/scs_5