Thoughts and physical illness

Very often physical illness will start in the mind. If you can stop it there, then it will not attack the physical. Now, how do you know if it has entered the mind? Easily you will know. Take the mind as a room in your house. If somebody has entered your room, naturally you will know. Before illness touches the physical, at least five or six times you will get some inkling in your mind. You are driving your car or talking or resting and all of a sudden you feel some uneasiness. It is not something serious at that time. It comes in a thought-form that is not wholesome or progressive. One thought that is not progressive can easily bring disease into the mind, into the vital, into the physical. If the thought is stagnant, like a stagnant pool, then problems arise; from there disease starts. Any thought that is not progressive is dangerous.

A seeker can easily trace a negative thought before it touches the physical. Take the mind as the third floor in your house. If there is water leaking up there, easily you can stop it before it flows down to the second and first floors. If you do the needful on the third floor, then you don’t have to suffer on the other floors. When you notice something wrong in the mind, the best thing is to immediately invoke the Light and Peace of the Supreme. If you have Light and Peace, illumination and peace of mind, then the wrong force will be illumined. Either it will be frightened to death and leave you or it will be transformed by the Light and Peace that have entered the mind.

So all the time, while you are thinking or talking to friends, you have to know whether the thoughts you are using, or allowing to stay in your mind, are progressive or not. If you see a thought moving forward, then you should keep it. But if it is moving instead just like an insect, then it has to be thrown out. We have to be very careful of our thoughts, because we live in a mental world, a thought-world. One thought can take us to Heaven or to hell. Each thought is either nectar-like or poisonous. Each thought can be our saviour or it can be our destroyer.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy speaks, part 5, Agni Press, 1976
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