Question: When you perform meditation and concentration, if you can't break through the electromagnetic field around you, it will cause a certain amount of frustration, since you are not able to express what is inside you.

Sri Chinmoy: When you concentrate or meditate, you have to surrender to God’s Will. The will that is inside your concentration, the will that is in your meditation, you have to surrender to God’s Will. If you really love God, then you have to surrender the capacity that you have and also the results that you get from your capacity. When you concentrate dynamically and powerfully, then you have to feel that your capacity has come from God. When you soulfully meditate, you have to feel that this capacity has also come from God. Now, if the result that you want you are not getting, then you should not be disturbed. A child knows how to crawl, but he wants to walk. He will definitely be able to walk one day, but today he can only crawl. Just because he can’t reach his goal today, he will not give up his desire to walk. He will crawl today and one day he will be able to walk. While you are concentrating, you meet with some obstruction, some frustration-barrier. If you are not achieving the thing that you want, naturally you will meet with frustration. But you have to take this frustration as a barrier that can be easily overcome. It is only a matter of time.

It is like walking through a tunnel. You know that on the other side there will be light. Right now it is night, but light is bound to come. If you can take frustration as night, then you will know that a few hours later there will be day. But if you feel that only night exists, that there is a barrier and there is nothing beyond that barrier, then you are making a mistake.

When we concentrate, we pierce like a bullet through the thing that is standing in our way. But when we meditate, we don’t reject the thing. Because of our oneness with God, we try to accept the obstruction and illumine it. Anything that is discouraging or destructive in us, we don’t discard. If we leave aside frustration or other negative things, then they remain on earth and bother somebody else. So when it is a matter of concentration, we will cast aside all obstructions; but when it is a matter of meditation, when our mind has achieved vastness, we will accept obstructions and transform them. In the beginning, when we want to run towards our goal, we don’t keep anything negative. But when we reach our goal, then we have to feel that the things we have left aside may create problems for our brothers and sisters. So after reaching our goal, we will come back to illumine them so that they won’t stand in the way of others.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy speaks, part 10, Agni Press, 1977
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