There is not a single human being on earth who does not need patience. And we who are seekers of infinite Light and Truth need patience more than others, for we are consciously, soulfully and devotedly aiming at the highest Goal. We want to climb up Mount Everest in the spiritual life. So naturally we need conscious, constant and unending patience. It is not like climbing up an ant-hill or even an ordinary hill; it cannot be done in the twinkling of an eye. The higher the goal, the more patience we need.

In our ordinary human life we have problems with our superiors, inferiors and equals. We have need of patience with our superiors when they exploit us and misuse our capacity and humility. We need to have patience with our inferiors when they mistrust our sincere appreciation and goodwill, or anything that we want to do for them. We have need of patience with our equals because there comes a time when they do not want to stay with us or live in and for us any more; but, at the same time, they want us to live only for them. They feel that they have to surpass us; that becomes their inner joy, that becomes their duty, while they feel that our duty is to remain where we are and please them in their own way. They want to surpass us and lord it over us just like our superiors.

We have need of patience with our human mothers, who tell us, “Don’t go out, children. Stay inside. The outer world is dangerous; it is a devouring tiger. We don’t want our children to be devoured by the world’s cruelty, temptation and destruction. We want our children to stay at home cheerfully and peacefully with our constant affection, love and blessing.”

We have need of patience with our human fathers who tell us, “Children, it is high time for you to go out of the house and walk around to see the world at large. It is time for you to receive from the outer world what it has to offer and to offer to the world what you have. The outer world needs your aspiration to fulfil itself, and you need the outer world’s dedication to fulfil yourself. So don’t stay inside any more. You are no longer a tiny plant but a strong tree. Go out and offer yourself to those who are in need of your guidance and protection.”

We have need of patience with Heaven. Although Heaven will eventually grant us its infinite Peace, Light, Bliss and Power, unfortunately it delays at times in spite of our having the necessary receptivity. The only explanation we can find for this is that we are beggars. Heaven tells us that beggars cannot be choosers. Heaven will give according to its willingness. Therefore, we accept our deplorable fate.

A beggar cannot demand. But we know well that we shall not always remain beggars. We know well that when our full awakening takes place, we will see that we are none other than God’s chosen instruments to fulfil Him here on earth. As spiritual seekers, we discover that our aspiration grows and glows; we realise that God wants only to please Himself and fulfil Himself in and through us. We feel that the best thing is to please God according to our awareness. Sooner or later we come to realise that it is not we who fulfil God but God who fulfils, satisfies and manifests in and through us.

We have need of patience with earth. Earth is constantly crying. It wants us to elevate its height to Heaven. We try to help earth in its upward movement since earth has a legitimate reason to ask us for a favour. Earth has blessed us with concern, oneness and sacrifice; naturally earth can make a request. But in spite of our best efforts we fail to elevate the earth-consciousness even an inch from where it is now. But this sad experience cannot last for good. One day our incapacity and inconscience will see that we are simply trying to please God, and there will come a time when all our inner failures will be transformed into success. On that day our name will be gratitude.

We have need of patience with God. At God’s choice Hour, God will greet us and give us illumination-salvation, illumination-liberation. We try to expedite that choice Hour of God’s, but God says, “Children, My decision has been made and will not change. I am not going to change the Hour.” We cry and God tells us, “In your lamentation is sincerity. Cry more soulfully. Let Me see what I can do for you.” But we feel the necessity of crying not only soulfully but also unconditionally. We wanted God to expedite His Hour, but we are now ready to wait for God’s Hour. God says, “You have made considerable inner progress. I see you are ready. I have changed your Hour.” When we are ready to wait for God’s choice Hour unconditionally, God offers us His soulful Smile and sooner than at once He greets us with what He has and what He is. What He has is infinite Concern and Love for us and what He is is immortal Consciousness.

SCS 4. All Angels' Church, New York, 31 July 1976.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy speaks, part 1, Agni Press, 1976
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