Sleep and the dream world

We can learn much from our dreams, but we have to know from which plane a dream is coming. If it comes from the vital plane, the lower vital plane, then we have to discard it. If we have a dream that somebody is killing us or that we are killing someone, it is absurd to pay attention to it. The lower vital is also a plane of consciousness and dreams from this plane are unimportant and useless. But if the dream comes from the intuitive plane, from the psychic plane, from the higher mind, from the overmind, from the illumined mind, then we have to give it importance. If we see that we have the capacity or the need to help someone in his meditation or elevate his consciousness, then to that kind of dream we have to pay proper attention. In this case, today’s dream is tomorrow’s reality; dream embodies reality.

The dreams that come to us from a higher plane, good dreams, divine dreams, we have to treasure and try to expedite. We shall try to transform these dreams into reality. We have to create new life within us all the time, but not in the dreams that try to destroy us or destroy others.

A human being is the king of destruction. One day I will destroy the whole world. Then, when I am in a divine mood, I will love the whole world, I will serve the whole world, I will fulfil the whole world. But we have to remain always in a very high state of consciousness. The Christ comes, the Buddha comes, Sri Krishna comes. They come to love the world, to inundate the world with peace. Again, there are others who come into the world to create destruction in themselves and in others. As spiritual persons, as seekers, we shall try to create peace. That should be our dream. We will invoke peace from above and then offer peace to mankind. So our higher dreams, divine dreams, are most welcome, but destructive dreams, lower vital dreams have to be discarded.

Right now it is difficult for us, impossible for us to know if we are dreaming. We feel that it is all reality. Then, when we get up we feel it was all dream. But if we are spiritually developed, while having the dream we will see it is all dream. It is just like a magic show. While watching the show, at the same time we are also seeing the reality. We are seeing the magic and we are wonderstruck. But we know it is magic, not reality. If we watch closely a coin trick, immediately we see which is the false coin and which is the real one. From a distance the false coin looks real; when we are far away it is difficult to distinguish. So the deeper we go, the clearer it becomes to us whether we are having a dream or whether we are in the world of reality.

When we sleep, sometimes our highest consciousness continues to operate and sometimes it does not. There is no hard and fast rule. It depends on whether God wants the high consciousness to operate while we are fast asleep or whether God wants the high consciousness to sleep while the physical is taking rest. It entirely depends on God’s Will.

There are many seekers who meditate every day and then sleep at night. Just because they have meditated during the whole day, God is pleased with them and God says to them, “My children, you have worked very hard. During the day, you have prayed, meditated. Now I have other instruments that can most powerfully help you. Now there are other forces that can work on your behalf.”

At that time, He asks the higher Self or the higher beings to operate and help the seekers who during the day prayed and meditated. But if during the day we don’t pray and meditate, God will never ask the higher beings, the higher forces to work for us. It is absurd. Only when the Inner Pilot is pleased with the seeker will He ask the higher forces to help when the person is asleep.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy speaks, part 3, Agni Press, 1976
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