Consciousness is the connection between human aspiration and divine Compassion. Consciousness is at once man the preparation and God the ever-transcending Perfection. Man is the eternal preparation. God is the eternal Perfection.

Let us be conscious. To be conscious is not to become great in the desire-world. To be conscious is to be good in the aspiration-world. A conscious individual is he who inspires the world. A divinely conscious individual is he who aspires for the world, for the world’s success and the world’s progress. An eternally conscious individual is he who loves, serves, saves and liberates the world. A loving consciousness knows no forgetfulness, no procrastination, no destruction. An aspiring consciousness is a perfect stranger to tardiness, illusion, delusion and ingratitude.

In the spiritual world, to be conscious means you are striving, searching and longing for something. You are consciously crying to accept the Command of the Inner Pilot and become His chosen instrument to please and fulfil Him in His own Way. You are not escaping from the world but you are accepting the world with all its teeming ignorance with a view towards ultimately transforming it.

When you are conscious, blinding doubt surrenders to the aspiring heart in you. It also means that fear surrenders to you, the fear which has prevented you from giving up your little “I”. When you are conscious, you realise that you need total oneness in both the inner world and the outer world. You feel that satisfaction comes not from the ego’s supremacy and autocracy but from your loving and serving oneness with man.

Consciousness is the seed in our life’s multifarious activities. We are all the silence-seed and the sound-fruit. The silence-seed was God, is God and shall be God in His Vision-Life. The sound-fruit was, is and shall remain God in His Reality-Life.

Consciousness energises the eternal traveller in us and expedites our divine journey. Human consciousness is the boat. Divine consciousness is the passenger. Supreme Consciousness is the Boatman, the Consciousness of the ever-transcending Beyond.

SCS 7. St Xavier School, New York, 23 July 1976.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy speaks, part 1, Agni Press, 1976
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