Sri Chinmoy with his upper-storey-weak students


"Can You believe it, my Lord? I have never told a lie in this incarnation! Not even one lie. As a matter of fact, in all my incarnations, I have never told a lie!"

"That means you have come into the world so many times and not told even one lie. Why?"

"This world is full of liars. I don't want to be one of them. I tell You a supreme secret: here on earth I don't tell lies, but in Heaven I do tell lies."


"Because the cosmic gods and goddesses have no humour in them. So, to create a little joy, I tell lies."


"My Lord, please tell me how old You are."

"I don't know how old I am."

"How is it that You don't know?"

"I was born when My parents were very, very, very old. They completely forgot to register My birth!"


"My Lord, how can I be perfect?"

"My child, I cannot answer that question. It is too serious for me."

"Please be serious. Tell me how."

"My child, countless human beings criticise Me, so how can I be perfect? Since I am not perfect, how can I teach you to be perfect?"


"My Lord, You created me. Please tell me, who created You?" "My child, I was created twice. The first time, I was created by My Eternity's, Infinity's and Immortality's Vision. The second time, I was created by your stupidity's giant ignorance-night."


"My Lord, I have told millions of lies. Which one do You hate the most? Which one do You hate the least?" "My child, when you tell Me that you are as good as Me, that lie I hate the least. When you tell Me that you are not going to mix with your ignorance-friend anymore, that lie I hate the most."


"God, can You do me a favour?"

"Definitely. Tell Me what kind of favour you want."

"My Lord, I am not satisfied with my name of late. What is worse, I have been hating my name. Can You give me a new name?"

"Are you sure that you would like a new name, My child?"

"Absolutely. I am breathlessly eager to hear my name from You. And I give You my word of honour that I will use only this name from now on."

"Do you mean that not only I, but all human beings, will call you by the name that I give you?"

"My Lord, do You want me to die in anticipation?"

"I am now giving you your new name: Inconscience incarnate."

"What have You done to me? What have I done to myself?"

"Be always careful of the desire you want Me to fulfil!"


"God, every day I succeed in fooling You. Do You ever succeed in fooling me?"

"I don't try to fool you. I am quite considerate."

"In what way, God?"

"You know very well that I am better than you in every respect. In one way at least, I want you to be better than Me."


"My Lord, I am always hungry for Your Love, Affection and Fondness. Are You hungry for anything?"

"Yes, My child, I am always hungry for your attachment."

"My Lord, You have all along told me that attachment is a very bad thing. How can You ask me to be attached to You?"

"My child, you know perfectly well that I am jealous of your attachment to your sisters and brothers. Since I love you so much and have so much Affection and Fondness for you, do I not have the right to ask you to be attached only to Me?"

"My Lord, as usual, Your Philosophy is so complicated!"

"My child, I love and admire your sincerity."


"My Lord, how long should I meditate on You every day?"

"My child, five seconds will be enough."

"Only five seconds? Why? Why?"

"My child, how can I be unjust to you? I don't meditate on you even for one second. Therefore, how can I have the audacity to ask you to meditate on Me for more than five seconds a day?"

"My Lord, You don't meditate on me even for five seconds a day? How can You be so cruel? You are really something!"

"My child, according to you, I am something! I take that as a great blessing to Me'and not as a joke!"


"My Lord, people tell me that I am very beautiful, humble and pure. Do You agree with them?"

"Of course I do. Now, can you do Me a big favour, My child?"

"Definitely, my Lord."

"Then, My child, go and tell your admirers that since I fully agree with them in their genuine opinion of you, I will be very grateful to them if they agree with Me only on one thing."

"What is that, my Lord?"

"My child, I want them to agree with Me, happily and unconditionally, that you are My only perfect child on earth."


"God, I enjoy ignorance-food so much! How is it that You do not care for it at all?" "My child, I am so fond of you. I wish to see you always happy, extremely happy. If I eat your food, then you will not be able to eat the full amount. And, if you do not eat the full amount, then you may not be as happy. What is more, you may become extremely weak. Believe Me, I don't want you to be unhappy and weak!"


"My Lord, You tell me that You love me infinitely more than I love You. Is it true? Can You prove it?" "Easily I can prove it! You always tell Me that you can live without Me. But, in My case, I don't think that even in My wildest imagination I would dare to live without you. My Love for you is such that My Immortality would immediately die the moment you left!"


"My Lord, how is it that You have made me perfect and nobody else? When are You going to make others perfect like me?" "It is such a time-consuming job, but I will eventually do it. Meanwhile, since I have spent so much time making you perfect, do you not think I deserve a little bit of rest?"


"God, do You ever tell any lies?" "Yes, I have to tell lies every day in order to digest My food. But the one that gives Me the most joy is this one: when I tell the cosmic gods and goddesses that I am extremely, extremely pleased with and proud of My human children."


"God, I know that You are extremely proud of me."

"Why am I so proud of you?"

"I know for sure that You are extremely proud of me!"

"Please tell Me why."

"You are proud of me because I do not frighten You; I do not challenge You; I do not even compete with You. Here I am telling just a few reasons. Naturally, I know that You are proud of me for such unusually good qualities and I strongly feel that I deserve Your Pride!"


"God, do You not feel sad that You make me first in all the things I do? Others are all second, third, fourth and so on. What do they think of You? Do You not feel sad in their sadness?" "My child, I don't feel sad because they don't feel sad. Do you want to know how they can not be sad when they lose to you in everything? Because, unlike you, they are spiritually mature. They have already established their complete oneness with My Heart of constant Oneness-Delight!"

Editor's note

The students mentioned in this book daily helped Sri Chinmoy in his various activities.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sri Chinmoy with his upper-storey-weak students, Agni Press, 1993
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