The teacher and his demanding wife

On Teacher's Day all the students from one classroom got together and bought a huge bouquet of flowers for their teacher. When they offered him the flowers, the students said, "Mr Parker, you are our most favourite teacher. We all went together to get these flowers for you. Even though you are very strict with us and always correct our mistakes, you do it so kindly."

The teacher was deeply moved. He said, "Thank you, my dear students, with all my heart. I am very, very surprised and very, very happy. This is the largest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen! As for my strictness, you know how much I care for your progress. That is why I try to correct all your mistakes."

The students all smiled and applauded.

Many other teachers were also given flowers, but no one received anywhere near the amount Mr Parker did. At the end of the school day, he decided to bring his flowers home and give them to his wife.

He wanted to make her happy, as she was always very strict with him. She always demanded that he do things exactly in her way.

When he came home, the teacher said to his wife, "Here is a little surprise for you!"

She asked, "How did you get all these flowers?"

"Today is Teacher's Day, so my students gave them to me. They said such nice things about me."

"Then why are you giving these flowers to me?" she inquired. "You know how lovingly I place flowers throughout the entire house. We already have so many."

"I am giving them to you because I am a very sincere person," answered the husband.

"You are a very sincere person?" said the wife. "What are you trying to tell me with your sincerity?"

The husband said, "During the day, you work as a tour guide. You think that your role is not to be a teacher, but to offer guided tours. But I wish to tell you that you are also a teacher. A teacher's business is to correct his students. In my school I am definitely a teacher. But at home you are my teacher, since, according to you, I do not do anything correctly."

From:Sri Chinmoy,The speeding driver, Agni Press, 2003
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