The quarrelling couple finally agree

A husband and wife were always quarrelling and fighting. It seemed they could not agree on anything. One night they decided to go out to eat. The husband said, "Let us go to my favourite Italian restaurant. They make wonderful pizza."

The wife replied, "Oh, John, you know how I hate Italian food. It is so oily."

John, who happened to be Italian, answered, "Not this again. You are attacking not only my favourite food, but all my relatives as well. So what do you want to eat?"

"What about Japanese food? I adore sushi," said the wife.

"Martha, how can you possibly like that? Nothing can have less flavour than sushi," argued the husband.

Finally they went to a nearby shopping mall where they could each get the food they wanted. After eating, Martha said, "That was wonderful. What shall we do now?"

"It is just about time for the soccer match to start," answered John. "I would love to go see it."

"Can you imagine!" exclaimed Martha. "First of all, I detest soccer. Secondly, you know I hate large crowds. How can you even dare to suggest such an idea?"

Like that, their arguing went on and on and on. Their children were miserable that their father and mother were always fighting. Their friends were also very sad.

One day a very dear friend said to the wife, "Whenever you and your husband are together, you always quarrel and fight. Please tell me, is there anything on earth that you two agree upon?"

The wife replied, "Yes, we agree on one subject. But, again, we change our minds constantly."

"What is that subject?" asked the friend eagerly.

"We always agree that we shall get a divorce. Again, we cannot keep our promise!"

From:Sri Chinmoy,The speeding driver, Agni Press, 2003
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