Question: When I practice sports, I don't give as much time to meditation as I would like to, as I need the time for practising. Also, I wonder if I should be getting more sleep?

Sri Chinmoy: More than half an hour of meditation is not necessary early in the morning. That is enough. Then you can go and practise running. Everyone, good athletes and bad athletes, should practise in order to inspire others, to transcend their own capacity and to keep the body fit. By practising sports you strengthen your body and draw in more vital energy from the illumining vital world, the dynamic world. This energy will help you in your meditation. It will help you to conquer your lethargy. If you are practising for an hour or so every day, you will definitely need less sleep than you would normally need, and not more. Only if you are practising very strenuously for several hours a day will you need more sleep. You may not be able to beat the fastest runner, but your speed and capacity will increase. The progress you make in this way will help you considerably not only in your outer life, but in your inner life as well.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Sleep: death's little sister, Agni Press, 1974
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