Question: How can we find inner peace of mind when so many of our brothers and sisters are suffering all over the world?

Sri Chinmoy: Millions of our brothers and sisters are suffering. Now, if we are really inseparable in our oneness with them, then we are also suffering by sharing consciously their difficulties. So we have to try to free ourselves from these excruciating pangs. If we feel the world at large as our very own and let it become part and parcel of our own existence, then naturally we will feel its pangs as our very own. This outer world will be an extension of our own reality. Now, if we suffer from the pangs of the world, naturally we shall try to free ourselves from this suffering. If there is night, then we shall cry for light. But just because there is night around us, if we say there is no sun, we are making a mistake. There is light as well. Just because there is suffering, if we do not pay attention to the light within us, the light of the soul, then we are making a most deplorable mistake. If we can enter into the world of light, then only will it be possible for us to carry the light into the world of night and suffering. The question is not how to do the right thing; the question is why we do not do the right thing. When there is something wrong, it is of paramount importance that we immediately do the right thing. We don't deny the existence of suffering, but we shall dive deep within to discover something that can eventually eliminate all our suffering and that is the light of the soul. So we shall dive deep within and from the depth of our heart we shall bring forward the light of the soul. Once the light of the soul enters into the world of suffering, then only can this world of suffering be transformed into a world of joy and delight. This is the only way we can end earthly suffering.

From:Sri Chinmoy,Self-discovery and world-mastery, Agni Press, 1976
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